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Ultra Violet WRAS approval

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd is proud to announce that their Compact G range of HydroPur ultra violet disinfection units have received WRAS approval.

The Compact G range of UV units is designed for ease of installation; it is an ideal gatekeeper to prevent bacteria such as legionella, cryptosporidium or pseudomonas entering your premises and potable drinking supply.

Low energy consumption and minimal maintenance are key factors in the success of the Compact G range in the building services industry. The system is also widely used for bore hole extraction and the ever growing “Green Industries” such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recovery.

All UV units are not designed equal; the key differences that Hydrotec have designed into their unit are a unique flow path to limit the possibilities of shadowing, along with a UV sensor on all units.

 The UV sensor is a key instrument in ensuring your investment is performing to design parameters. Some manufacturers install a lamp lit indicator, but this does not guarantee that the UV light is penetrating the water flow for a number of reasons. The quartz lamp tube can become tainted with a build up of iron or other deposits. Hydrotec chemically treat their lamp tubes to limit the chances of this occurrence, but the UV sensor will detect this situation and issue a BMS signal to warn that the UV light is not reaching the external wall of the unit.

Turbid (cloudy) water can also be a serious issue in bore hole extraction, the UV light is unable to penetrate 100% of the water flow.

The UV sensor ensures that the system will always monitor effectiveness and operate effectively to meet the design criteria.
UV lamps degenerate at different rates; again the UV light intensity is monitored to ensure the unit is achieving a minimum of 250j/m2 at the end of its life. To treat legionella a UV light intensity of 27.9j/m2 is required giving a safety factor of nearly 9:1. UV units with 400j/m2 are available for specialist applications.
All Hydrotec lamps are guaranteed for a minimum of 8,000 hours of constant use, with some guaranteed for up to 16,000 hours. Hydrotec design engineers can discuss your system to ensure that the right balance between capital expenditure and ongoing maintenance is fully considered.  

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