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What’s growing in your resin bed?

Base exchange water or salt regenerative, softeners are a very popular and effective way of preventing lime scale build up within water services of buildings.

Issues can arise with standard softener resin beds, these may act as a large filter and thus retain bacteria such as legionella within the vessel. If this occurs and the temperatures for the bacteria are right, the bacteria will start to multiply, so although you have addressed the scale issue you have potentially engineered in a bacteria breeding ground.

Hydrotec (UK) ltd is pleased to announce that on its recently revised Hydroion range of water softeners you can simply address this issue. Hydrotec have developed a control panel for the Hydroion range that disinfects the resin on each regeneration, in addition to other benefits.

By passing an electric charge through the sodium rich brine regenerant, free chlorine is released into the water, used for the regenerative process, simultaneously disinfecting the resin bed and preventing the build up of potentially harmful bacteria within the resin.

Other benefits of the new control panel include brine level & conductivity alarms. Just because there is salt in the brine tank does not mean you have the correct level of salt saturation, Hydrotec use a conductivity monitoring system to measure the brine solution for each regeneration and thus ensure effective use of salt and give piece of mind for the quality of soft water produced.

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