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igus adds more accessories to Triflex R system

Six innovative products enhance multi-axial energy chain system for robots

Energy chain specialist igus has introduced six new product lines to its Triflex R system of third-generation 6-axis robot energy chains. The multi-axial energy supply system, developed specifically for sophisticated 6-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments, now comprises well over 200 components.

“Our primary goal is to provide our customers with technological advances in the robotics industry, while reducing process costs,” said Justin Leonard at igus UK. “With the introduction of these six new product lines to the Triflex R system, all the requirements of large welding robots to small palletizing robots can now be met.”

The new “quick change” kit for the Triflex R system allows pre-harnessed robot energy chains to be changed simply by hand in seconds. The second innovative Triflex R accessory is a rapid locking protector that protects the energy chain at contact points, where strong stressing occurs through impacts and scouring of the E-Chain against the robot. Simple to assemble, it can be positioned freely over two consecutive chain links. In addition, as the protector can be easily snapped open with a screw driver, replacement can be carried out within 11 seconds – fully operational and tested.

Complementing the Triflex R family, the new Triflex R 125 is the largest 3D-moving robot energy chain from igus. With a 135mm external diameter, it has sufficient space for very large services, such as hydraulic hoses and air pipes. Furthermore, a new ball head connection allows simple mounting and dismantling, even with the hoses and cables inside.

The universal Triflex RS module, which transports the energy chain close to the robot arm, has new accessories and is available in four new sizes. In addition, igus now has robot-specific mounting adapter plates available from stock – for 43 different types of robots. Robotics engineers can also download the appropriate 3D-CAD file for design and development at:

igus has also introduced a new mount for the 6th axis. The so-called ‘lollipop’ or ‘tennis racquet‘, with 30mm mounting tube diameter, can be mounted easily and quickly. Compatible with the energy chain fixing brackets, strain relief CFX clamps or strain relief teeth, the mount is suitable for use on any kind of robot.

And finally, igus offers a complete line up of special cables for use in torsion applications, designed for use in the Triflex R energy chain system. These comprise Chainflex bus, motor and control cables as well as fibre optic cables.

For more information about the Triflex R system and accessories, please call igus UK directly on 01604 677240 or visit the website at:

For more information, please call igus UK directly on 01604 677240 or visit the website at: