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doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter

ImageThe doseBadge is the unique way to measure Occupational and Industrial noise exposure. Different to a traditional Noise Dosemeter, the doseBadge has no cables or buttons, and is controlled, via an InfraRed link, from the RC:110A Reader unit.

The doseBadge has no buttons or controls and is contained in a robust metal case which prevents damage to the unit. The doseBadge logs, measures and stores noise data throughout the measurement and this data is downloaded to the Reader unit for review and analysis.

By eliminating cable and controls from the doseBadge, the user can be sure that the person being measured cannot have tampered with the measurement and that the data is valid. The CR:110A version of the doseBadge has been designed to meet the needs of the new EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive as well as a range of other noise measurement standards.

These new features also allow the doseBadge to be used to comply with a range of measurement guidelines and standards including ISO, OSHA & OSHA HC, US DOE, ACGIH and US ACHPPM.

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