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Telescopic cover stays from EMKATelescopic cover stays from EMKA are used for support of horizontal or vertical covers on control panels, e.g. rooftop air-conditioning cabinets, for support, or simply as a wind stay. Now their new 1097 variants incorporates a facility for manual pushbutton/pull cord operation. Use of a pull cord greatly facilitates operation of widely spaced multiple stays on very wide covers of one metre plus. It also enables simple operation and enhanced safety.

Standard features of the 1097 series include automatic or manual release types in sizes up to the new 710mm (extended length) 1097-U6 version. Automatic release operates when the open cover is raised (to release the locked stay), then closed. Manual release ensures an added level of safety - requiring somebody to physically push the release button or pull the cord for release. All 1097 type telescopic cover stays are adjustable for opening angle, dependent upon the mounting configuration. Two position release systems are also offered. Further information on EMKA products and services may be found at:, where it is also possible to download any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.