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Process gas burner systems specialist, Lanemark International Ltd., has now strengthened its ‘BurnerCare’ support service with the appointment of Gail Thompson to the position of BurnerCare Service and Spares Manager.  The move is seen as an important step forward and one which emphasises the role played by BurnerCare – in particular by its service agreement package.

Lanemark gas fired process heating burner systems are recognised for their ‘point of use’ energy efficiency and controllability.  Lanemark BurnerCare was introduced to ensure that operating burner systems meet the need for continued, consistent and reliable performance and its rapid expansion now means users of virtually any process gas burner system are able to benefit from Lanemark’s ongoing expertise.

The move now to appoint Gail Thompson to this important position signals Lanemark’s commitment to this key element of its service.  With some five years’ BurnerCare sales co-ordination experience to call on, and a background in both commercial and telecommunications sales, Gail will now oversee the dedicated BurnerCare staff at the company’s Nuneaton head office as well as a nationwide team of qualified service engineers – operating both throughout the UK and internationally in support of Lanemark’s expanding network of agents throughout the world.

“Because each customer’s needs in terms of their process requirements and support services are different, it is vital that an effective relationship is developed with each company,” Gail Thompson comments.  “We have found in recent times that the role of BurnerCare is increasing as the need to ensure continued, trouble free operations becomes more and more important across industry – exactly the principle upon which the BurnerCare concept is based.”

A range of facilities is available, including the provision of spares and training, but the company highlights its BurnerCare Service Agreement package as being particularly significant.  

“It is vital that a planned programme of inspection and maintenance is in place if process gas burner installations are to continue to function at peak efficiency,” says Sales Director Jeff Foster, “particularly as they are often operated in harsh environments and frequently ‘around-the-clock’.

“We strongly recommend, therefore, that regular servicing is undertaken at least annually and, on occasions, six monthly or quarterly by a suitably qualified person – both with a view to maximising the performance of the burner installation and also to identify potential problems so that preventative maintenance can be applied.  Clearly this latter element can not only avoid costly repairs but – potentially more important – can contribute to avoiding expensive system downtime,” he points out.

Subject to initial inspection, Lanemark is happy to include any manufacturer’s gas burner system within a BurnerCare Service Agreement.  Preferential labour rates for both servicing and breakdown calls are also part of the package as are discounts on Lanemark spares – whether they are fitted by one of the company’s engineers or simply supplied direct to the user.

“We think the benefits of regular maintenance and inspection are self evident and will be recognised by everybody involved in the manufacturing and processing sector,” adds Lanemark International’s General Manager, Adrian Langford, who oversees the company’s highly successful range of process burner products.  

“The creation of BurnerCare has allowed many of our customers to obtain vital back up and support in a single package which, in turn, helps them maintain their own reputations for production consistency and quality,” Jeff Foster concludes.  “It is a key part of our service and one which we believe is increasingly vital at a time when competitiveness and reliability are so important – and which is now strengthened with the news of Gail Thompson’s appointment.”

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