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Lanemark Link With Midco Opens Up New Air Heating Opportunities

A major addition is being made to the range of process gas burner systems available from industry leader Lanemark International Ltd. that is set to enhance the choice of application opportunities for its customers. The company has announced an agency agreement with American manufacturer, Midco International Inc – covering the UK and other key international markets – which complements Lanemark’s highly successful TX tank heating and FD air heating product ranges. 

Midco burners are widely known for the benefits they offer to a number of industries, most notably where make up or replacement air requirements need to be met – an example being paint spraybooth air replenishment. High turndown and controllability are key features as are low emission levels, flame stability and a modular design. This latter characteristic allows any number of individual 6" sections to be connected to meet precise application needs in terms of dimensions and heat requirement. This versatility is further enhanced with the ability to use either natural or propane gas on a standard burner head. 

Lanemark is able to offer the Midco burner product either as individual burner heads to be incorporated by air handling equipment makers into configurations of their own design or as packaged versions (DB series) where burners are fitted to duct mounting plates complete with gas control valve trains and burner controls. 

“We are delighted to have become involved with the Midco range both in the UK and further afield,” comments Lanemark’s Sales & Marketing Director, Jeff Foster, “because it offers major additional opportunities to both new and existing customers. We see the development as an ideal complement to our existing TX and FD burner ranges and believe the specific benefits offered by the Midco products will be widely recognised in the HVAC and process heating industries.”