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Want to improve industrial processes?

Want to improve industrial processes, energy efficiency and end-product quality with accurate, stable and reliable measurements combined with excellent services?

At MTEC 2010 Vaisala will be launching their new HMP110 & HMP60 Humidity, Temperature OEM Modules,  in addition to showcasing their range of industrial transmitters which monitor relative humidity, dewpoint, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, oxygen and barometric pressure in extreme conditions.
Come to discuss how to
•    improve compressed air with quality dewpoint measurement.
•    monitor moisture in oil measurement to optimize machinery service intervals
•    measure humidity and temperature in chambers, cleanrooms, stability rooms, dryers
•    measure CO2 in Incubators, DCV Demand Control Ventilation
•    Or your industry’s unique requirements

Whatever the industry – life science, microelectronics, power, plastics, food, automotive, you name it – all benefit from solutions that minimize downtime and maximize yield. While Vaisala instruments have been developed to perform exceptionally well in specific environments, what each instrument has in common is stability and low maintenance and calibration needs.

Vaisala has over 70 years of experience, more than 20 offices worldwide and thousands of customers in over 120 countries. We are known as a leader in innovating, manufacturing and servicing high-quality instruments and systems. Our products have been designed to meet the customer’s measurement needs in the most demanding industrial processes and controlled environments.

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For More information contact:
Vaisala Sales
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