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New Reading Berkshire venue and new courses!

When production efficiency is crucial, and plant uptime levels critical, a multi skilled workforce is an effective workforce. Investment in training, particularly when a plant runs 24 hours a day, is vital to minimise downtime.

Mechanical to Electrical - 13-16 May
17th Edition - 17-20 June
Logical Approach to Fault Finding - 8-10 May
Control and Instrumentation - 9-12 September

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IMechE Seminars: Process Safety 2013 & Mechanical Integrity of process plant: New guidance

2013 05 1Process Safety: A Global Challenge
19 June 2013, London
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Process Safety 2013 will bring together professionals from a broad range of sectors, presenting a unique opportunity to learn about regulation, incidents and culture. The event seeks to enable learning from across the world, taking a global view of process safety.

You will be challenged to think differently about your own process safety performance – taking back to your organisation both a global and a cross sector take on this.

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How Operator Asset Care Workshops Can Enhance UK Industrial Output!

An Operator Asset Care programme is based on the principle that the people operating production equipment on a daily basis are the ones most capable of improving equipment reliability and performance.
OAC creates a culture where operators develop 'ownership' of their equipment and work with maintenance, engineering and management to ensure that equipment operates properly every day.

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Schaeffler UK opens new customer training centre

Schaeffler UK has opened new customer training facilities at its Sutton Coldfield site in the West Midlands. The centre is equipped to provide both classroom-based and practical hands-on training courses for customers from every industry sector.


Schaeffler UK offers a comprehensive range of one, two and three-day training courses for managers, engineers and technicians involved in the selection, operation and maintenance of rolling bearings, as well as condition monitoring, vibration analysis and mounting of rolling bearings. Courses are held either at the Sutton Coldfield training centre or on-site at the customer. Training courses can also be tailored for individual customers.


Kate Hartigan, Managing Director at Schaeffler UK commented: “In industries where the loss of a critical piece of plant or equipment can result in costly lost production or downtime, condition monitoring can help to minimise disruption and reduce costs. Our new training centre and the courses that we offer have been carefully structured to ensure that we give customers the maximum support possible during the initial design process through to the successful operation and monitoring of their plant and equipment.”

The National Fluid Power Centre

The National Fluid Power Centre is recognised by the British Fluid Power Association and approved by international companies to provide training on their behalf. They support and resource the Centre and provide mentorship to its staff, thereby providing...more

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Spill Training Programme First Responders

Clearspill Ltd have designed a spill training package with first responders in mind.

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Consultancy MSc covers factory floor to management

Cranfield's MSc in Manufacturing Consultancy has been developed in response to demand for multi-skilled professionals with the knowledge of implementing change across an organisation.

It covers factory floor to management.

The course is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

It comprises eight assessed modules, a group project and an individual research project.

Modules: Consultancy Skills; Enterprise Systems; General Management; Manufacturing Strategy; Manufacturing Systems; Engineering Operations; Analysis Operations Management; Supply Chain Management.

The industrial group involves working in teams to fulfil demanding objectives within a tight time schedule, and applying technologies and approaches.

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Webinar on designing a multispool axial compressor

Softinway is planning to hold a free webinar titled 'Axstream 3.0: Design of Multispool Axial Compressor from Specification to 3D Blade Design'.

In the course of the one-hour online presentation, the Softinway team will showcase the new features of Axstream 3.0 for multispool compressors.

These include, for example its ability to assess multiple criteria to choose the optimal flow-path design.

Axstream 3.0 also features flow-path geometry adjustment, according to the designer's goals, using manual and S1 adjustment and spline.

Simulation of flow path produces the required design, including ducts, heat exchanger and pressure valves.

It can also perform: one- and two-dimension calculation and optimisation of flow-path shape; profiling of blades; and FEA and CFD analysis of the desired flow-path parts.

The presentation will be followed by an open question-and-answer forum.

This will allow attendees to interact with turbomachinery design professionals from Softinway in real time.

Keithley to broadcast webinar about Flash testing

Keithley Instruments, a provider of advanced electrical test instruments and systems, will broadcast a free, web-based seminar, entitled 'New Methods for Testing Flash Memory' on 20 May 2010.

This one-hour presentation will examine new developments, such as multi-level cell (MLC), that are aimed at achieving increased density.

The webinar will also explore advancements in measurement techniques and capabilities, from characterising a single transistor for development purposes to integrated and automated solutions for Flash production.

During the webinar, the fundamentals of Flash technology testing will be reviewed and there will be a discussion about Fowler-Nordheim (FN) and Hot Electron Injection (HEI) programming and erasing.

Different aspects of testing applicable to single Flash transistors and Flash array testing will be considered, including standard transistor characterisation, endurance and disturb testing.

The pulse fidelity requirement for MLC testing will also be discussed.

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The role of technical training and its impact within the food and drink sector - Results of research carried out by MCP Consulting and Training, October 2009

In recent years the extremely competitive nature of food and drink manufacturing has increased the drive for higher productivity, improved equipment efficiency and lower operational costs.  Plant reliability is paramount to achieving these requirements along with a cross-skilled and high performing workforce.