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Portable ultrasonic flow and heat meter.

ap 30 6DYNASONICS has announced the launch of the new DXN portable ultrasonic flow and heat meter.

“The DXN represents a new generation in portable ultrasonic flow measurement, “says John Erskine, VP of sales & marketing, “built on innovative hybrid metering technology that automatically switches between transit time and Doppler modes as needed.
The DXN also includes unique one-of-a-kind features like a 7” full color touch-screen, the ability to store site-specific settings using plain text, and an advanced software interface that adapts to the needs of our customers.

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Environmental Treatment Concepts use Micronics Clamp-On Flow & Heat Measurement in Sustainable Water Treatment projects.

micronics latest news 1Demonstrating the benefits including improvements in the potential performance and energy savings from the retrofit installation of Sustainable Water Treatment to existing building services is a major factor in the take-up and case for investment. And being able to demonstrate what’s flowing where, not flowing or even flowing backwards can go a long way to establishing confidence with potential customers that your company knows what its doing!

Surveying existing large-scale heating and HWS installations to establish a basis for installing improvements can be a daunting task and Environmental Treatment Concepts (ETC)  have found that the PF330 portable clamp-on flow and heat-meter from Micronics  is an ideal tool for the job.

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Micronics - Bradshaw Consulting - Dairy Crest Application Note

Micronics Ultrasonic Non Contact open channel flow measurement provides cost-effective solution and contribution to reducing milk wastage and costs for Dairy Processing Site.


Bradshaw Consulting specialises in Energy and Process loss reduction in the Food and Drink sector. Their client Dairy Crest operate a large Dairy Processing site near Stroud in Gloucestershire and with the help of the Dairy Crest Improvement team (Chemical Engineers) Bradshaw have developed and installed a unique Effluent Monitoring and Analysis system incorporating the Micronics SLT32 - Ultrasonic Non Contact open channel flow measurement system.


The purchase of the new turnkey system and meters was driven by a need to provide online product wastage information from the various departments and hence, further reduce milk wastage from the site.


Having considered various measurement alternatives Ultrasonic Non Contact meters were selected due to the ease of installation and maintenance/service benefits associated with the non-contact technology. Micronics were selected as the supplier due to a combination of their experience with open channel flow measurement technology and their competitive pricing in comparison to alternative similar technology solutions or alternatives requiring considerable civil construction work. Three Micronics SLT32 meters were purchased as a package. The meters have the capability to measure and log effluent flow and totalised flow; however, in this application they are providing flow data via a 4 to 20mA signal to the system's separate control system.

Breakthrough Flowmeter Technology

Titan Enterprises supplies innovative flow measurement solutions into a broad range of sectors, including medical, industrial, food & drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical. Its latest innovation, the Atrato flowmeter range, is set to challenge conventional flowmeter thinking the world over.

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PCB Piezotronics has announced the Model 352B70 sensor, the latest in a range of accelerometers designed for extreme testing in shaker labs.

PCB has worked closely with shaker labs around the world developing accelerometers specifically designed to withstand this demanding application.

PCB Model 352B70 has a +/-5,000g measurement range to accommodate the varying amplitudes experienced during high random vibration test profiles; a built-in two-pole low-pass filter to help reduce the possibility of saturation due to the presence of high-frequency energy that may be present; and is hermetically sealed in a titanium housing to ensure survivability in harsh environments.

The sensor is also electrically isolated to prevent unwanted electrical interference or ground loops and has a low mass design weighing in at 4.3g.

The sensor is supplied with mounting studs and an adhesive base to allow for a variety of mounting methods..

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced a line of Endevco acoustic sensors and instrumentation for use in automotive NVH, cabin noise, vibro-acoustic testing and appliance noise evaluation

The instruments are also suitable for wind tunnel testing and other critical sound and noise measurement applications.

Endevco pre-polarised condenser measurement microphones, available in 1/8in, 1/4in and 1/2in diameters, are offered in free-field, pressure, low-cost-array and random-incidence types and can be used to meet IEC and ANSI standards.

Array microphones offer a lower overall per-channel measurement cost and are directly compatible with Isotron (IEPE-type) signal conditioning.

They can be used as drop-in replacements within existing accelerometer test system setups for as-needed precision noise measurements.

Models may be purchased as standalone units or in a microphone and low-noise preamplifier combination with Iteds onboard memory storage capabilities, facilitating their use within larger channel count applications.

All microphones are constructed with a stainless-steel protective grid case and housing, as well as a special stainless-steel-alloy diaphragm.

Available for use with Endevco precision measurement microphones is a full range of low-noise Isotron preamplifiers, handheld calibrators and accessories.

All acoustic sensors and instrumentation are covered by a five-year product warranty.

IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, has introduced its 682A09 ICP in-line 4-20mA vibration transmitter, which can turn existing accelerometers into 24/7 vibration-monitoring sensors.

Model 682A09 installs in-line with any industrial accelerometer and converts the vibration signal to a 4-20mA velocity output that can be trended with PLC, DCS or Scada control-room systems.

Its sleek design installs right into the cable run; no DIN rails, cabinets or special power are required.

Customers can take their existing accelerometers and turn them into 24/7 vibration-monitoring devices for their most critical machinery.

The model 682A09 is a stainless-steel, hermetically sealed design capable of operating in the harshest environments with two-pin MIL connector input and three-pin MIL connector output.

It accepts a 100mV/g analogue signal, converts to 4-20mA output and operates off of loop-power supplied by the PLC, DCS or Scada system.

In addition, the 682A09 outputs the 100mV/g analogue signal via its three-pin output connector.

The analogue signal can be run to a central collection point, allowing the user to maintain the FFT capability of the original system.

Titan Enterprises is launching a brand new ultrasonic flowmeter

Titan Enterprises is launching a brand new ultrasonic flowmeter, set to create a breakthrough change in small bore flow metering the world over!
The Atrato, launching at this year’s Mtec Event at Birmingham’s NEC on 27th and 28th April has already generated a huge amount of interest.

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A new high-accuracy and low-cost ultrasonic flowmeter is set to create a breakthrough change in small bore flow metering. ‘The Atrato’ will be launched at this year’s Mtec Exhibition at The NEC Birmingham, it uses patented technology which enables the direct through meter to handle flows from laminar to turbulent.


Want to improve industrial processes?

Want to improve industrial processes, energy efficiency and end-product quality with accurate, stable and reliable measurements combined with excellent services?

At MTEC 2010 Vaisala will be launching their new HMP110 & HMP60 Humidity, Temperature OEM Modules,  in addition to showcasing their range of industrial transmitters which monitor relative humidity, dewpoint, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, oxygen and barometric pressure in extreme conditions.

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