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The Maintenance Jigsaw

Ambersil CatalogueRecently I received an invitation from a well known exhibition organiser to participate in a maintenance feature and submit editorial with company overview- good opportunity. However, my enthusiasm changed to being perplexed when the invitation turned out to be for

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The Right Connection

hose assembly and fittingsDixon Group Europe Ltd, can now meet all your hose, hose assembly and fittings requirements as a single source supplier. From complete hose assemblies to individual couplings and fittings, our vast range of products and availability of inventory enables Dixon, leading provider of hose and coupling solutions, to meet your exacting requirements to provide you with the right connection.

Over the past months we have increased our range of quick release couplings, hygienic fittings and actuators, tanker and hose product. 

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Lean programme helps increase turnover by 100 per cent in 18 months

Cressall Resistors~ Success due to customer focused implementation ~ Leicester based Cressall Resistors has put in a place a lean programme, managed by manufacturing director Cy Wilkinson, that has helped increase turnover by 100 per cent in 18 months. It has also contributed to the successful integration of a business, valued at over a million pounds, into the company's Leicester facility. The resultant plant layout uses less floor space than the original did before the new company was integrated.

The fundamental strategy was formed through the use of eight lean tools: value stream mapping, 5S, standard work, flow, pull, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), mistake proofing and set-up reduction.

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Finally, grip on your maintenance performance

Maintenance PerformanceAfter implementing an EAM or CMMS1 system, many companies are disappointed to discover that the system provides hardly any useful management information. However, if you ask the same companies what information or performance indicators they exactly need to fulfil and track their maintenance strategy, many of them cannot provide a clear answer.

If you are unclear of your destination, don

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Corus Introduction

Corus Brochures Corus Northern Engineering Services and Corus Process Engineering (CNES/CPE) work together to provide a wide range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, structural and civil. We deliver them through our workshops and our design, project engineering and project management organisation to provide engineering support to all process industries, OEMs, and infrastructure facilities such as defence, rail, airports and nuclear.

This interactive brochure describes the services we offer, and some of the projects we've worked on, in pdf format.To find out how to get our expertise working for your business, please contact us, using
the contact details below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please click on this link to view our current brochures!

Welcome to the UK's largest supplier for everything you need in:-

Pressure switchesThis PMN pressure switch is the original and still the best with many thousands in use by OEM's worldwide. Prices start at just

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New Belt Tension Testers from Econobelt Use Sound Waves Instead of Force Deflection for Accurate Mea

The new belt tension testerThe new belt tension tester from Econobelt uses sound waves instead of force deflection to accurately measure tension. The portable, lightweight and easy-to-use meter produces repeatable results for any operator. It can be used in almost any environment and produce fast results, calculated in seconds. The unit, identified as the 507C runs on four AAA batteries.

The Model 507C comes with a cord sensor. Optionally available are an inductive sensor or a flexible sensor, and a cord sensor. At the new Econobelt eStore you can get immediate quotes, download a 3D model, and place online orders.

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The COMBI 75 The COMBI 75 combines dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting


What Constitutes World-Class Reliability and Maintenance?

Christer IdhammarI have received many calls asking, "How can you tell if an organization is a world class reliability and maintenance organization or not?"

How well the systems and practices discussed in this column are being used indicate to me how far a plant has to go to become "world-class

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Biodiesel Field Test Kit

Kittiwake Test EquipmentBionic Fuels are small / medium size commercial biodiesel producer based in East Sussex, UK. The company has been involved in testing and assisting in the development of a biodiesel specific field test kit designed to give key data throughout the production cycle.

Biodiesel production, despite being a fairly simple chemical reaction, encompasses many variables that can affect finished product quality. There is a recognised European standard (EN14214), however, the full suite of tests can be costly and the regularity with which these tests may be required can prove cost negative for the smaller producer. That said, sub standard fuel producers have in the past caused the fledgling industry to attract a bad name in some areas.

Most commercial producers now realise that in order to compete in the important fleet sector,quality is not only a key buying motivator but a prerequisite to opening discussions. The problem then, is to identify and manage the variables in batches between regular laboratory tests.

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EMS Case Study - Lean Manufacturing

Lean Focused MaintenanceTrader Media Print division is part of the Guardian Media Group and produce well-known magazine publications such asAutoTrader. These publications are dated and therefore must be on the shelves at an exact time or the business loses revenue. Managing Director, Alan Turner came to EMS recognising that they were lagging behind in manufacturing practice.

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