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Better Onsite Maintenance

Heated ViscometerSave time, reduce maintenance costs, decrease down time and increase profit all from a few simple tests.  Sound good?  Then read on

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ATS Electro-Lube

ATS Electro LubersA.T.S. Electro-Lube UK now offer a range of Automatic Lubricators to cover most applications
from Single Point Lubricators to Multi-Point systems for up to 10 points.
The reliable, robust and well proven range of Electro-Lubers are now available in 4 sizes
60cc-125cc-250cc-475cc and can be suplied with any type of lubricant ( oil or grease) required
by the customer.
All Electro-Lubers are ATEX Certified for use in hazardous areas.
The range of MD2000 Ultimate Lubricators also available in 3 sizes. 125cc -250cc -500cc
are positive displacement motor drive units and can generate pressures up to 900 psi
which can cover multi-point applications with a progressive distributor.

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The RS Clare Range

R.S. Clare rangeIntroduction

The R.S. Clare range of advanced Valve Lubricants for the Oil & gas Industry has been developed in conjunction with Original Equipment Manufacturers and Production, Drilling and Service operators.

R.S. Clare's valve lubricants have been well proven in the field providing the user with 'failsafe' and 'cost effective' valve lubrication.

In the exploration and production of crude oil & natural gas, severe problems can be encountered due to the presence of H2S, CO2, condensate, hydrocarbon solvents, acids and other chemicals present in the well production system.

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ROCOL Lubricants has developed a new food-grade multipurpose grease in close consultation with one of the UK's leading food producers, which is highly tacky to ensure long term adhesion to moving parts in numerous food and drink industry applications.

Called FOODLUBE Ultra, the new NSF H1 registered lubricant was initially developed to improve the lubrication of wrapping machines at Nestl


Industrial Sectors - Food Grade Lubricants

 FUCHS supplies a range of premium quality machine shop lubricants.

Food Grade Lubricants

The use of USDA-H1 food grade lubricants is becoming more widespread in the UK, brought about by stricter food lubricant legislation, continuing health scares in the food industry and a greater awareness as to the efficiencies that USDA-H1 lubricants can offer.

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