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Change your lubrication culture,not your oil.

Figure 1We change a lot of oil in our plants, mills, mines and factories. What are we doing to change our lubrication culture? In their book Learning to Fly, Collison and Parcell, employees of British Petroleum (BP), suggest a predictable pattern in achieving sustained culture change, which is a function of effort and time (Figure 1).

Lower-quartile performers operate in a state of "unconscious incompetence" - ignorance is bliss. It takes no effort and no time to exist in the state of unconscious incompetence. They perform poorly, and because they are unaware of it, there is no perceived need to change. When a manager or other influential member learns through some minimal effort that there is a better way to operate, the performers become aware of their shortcomings, which creates a perceived gap. Collison and Parcell call this gap "conscious incompetence." It is this new awareness that throws a wrench (spanner) in the works, forcing the organization to correct its deficiency or make a conscious decision to live with it.

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Approval For OMEGA 99N Nuclear Grade Anti-Seize Grease

Nuclear Power GenerationWhen Sovereign Lubricants & Seals were approached by a major UK nuclear power generation provider to supply an anti-seize for use on site to prevent stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel alloys and for use as a general grease for maintenance use there was no hesitation in recommending an immediate solution to this age old problem.
Sovereign (who sell the ΩMEGA range of quality lubricants) sell a product called ΩMEGA 99N which is a nuclear grade anti-seize grease. "The difference" says Sovereign M.D Steve Chesters "is that normal greases and anti-seize compounds contain high levels of sulphur, chlorides, lead and halogens which can cause stress and corrosion cracking of stainless and nickel alloys . ΩMEGA 99N is different in that it contains virtually no contaminants and as an added bonus it withstands acids, alkalis, water, salt air and most chemical fumes. The product can be used in many industries such as Oil, Chemical and Natural Gas Refineries as well as Chemical Plants and Pulp and Paper Mills, in fact anywhere where corrosion takes place

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Tufcut SprayAmbersil metal cutting lubricants have been marketed under the

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Free Lubrication guides from Sovereign Lubricants & Seals

Superior LubricationWherever metal parts are in contact with each other, friction will result. Superior lubrication and sealing is paramount in today

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Printing SolutionsSovereign Lubricants & Seals (who have been exclusive UK distributors for the OMEGA range of quality lubricants for over 20 years) have entered a partnership with Printing Solutions (Midlands) Ltd who will become OMEGA stockists and provide lubrication solutions for all customers in the printing and packaging industry running Heidelberg presses in the Midlands area.

Says Bruce Perkins, M.D of Printing Solutions who are based in Leicester,

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Fluid ExtractorAGRIEMACH has come up with a Fluid extractor that can truly extract or transfer any fluid, including motor oil, gear lubricant, coolant, water and any other liquid, neatly, powerfully and fast.

The Agriemach Fluid Extractor is not only essential in the workshop, but also ideal for boat, truck and farm equipment operators as well. Designed to be used in inaccessible areas or confined spaces, the extractor features a low profile spherical design with a 6 litre capacity and a handy pouring spout with 5 mm hose to fit down dipstick tubes, and has an unbeatable transfer speed of 4 litres of water per minute.


Do we really know what we are measuring?

Oil AnalysisIt's no mystery to Maintenance professionals that clean oil promotes enhanced equipment performance and reliability. There is, however, something that many of them do not know. Today's most commonly used particle counting tests for determining oil cleanliness

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The biggest single cause of transmission failure is oil contamination.

TM Series Filter MagAgrimach have a simple and inexpensive answer to that problem with the introduction of their new TM series FILTERMAG which stops this problem instantaneously. By attaching either the TM180 or the TM360 to the bottom of the transmission pan, the all powerful NEODYMIUM magnets with a magnetic pull force of 25Ibs, will hold the steel particles in suspension allowing only clean oil to circulate around the transmission.

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Filtertechnik Lubrication80% of all hydraulic and lubrication breakdown is caused by contaminated oil!

Breakdowns are not just an annoyance and an inconvenience


Quality Lubrication Renders Engine Teardown Spotless

Miles Sand & GravelDennis Hammons, Conocophillips Lubricants
The benefits of proper equipment maintenance and use of a high-quality heavy-duty diesel engine oil are evident at Miles Sand and Gravel, a sand and gravel supplier in Auburn, Washington. The company's 18 quarries span across the state, meeting the construction industry's daily sand, gravel and concrete needs.

At the Beginning
In business since 1946, the sand and gravel supplier has been passed down through two generations, growing into one of the largest sand and gravel suppliers in Washington. Today, it operates more than 300 pieces of heavy-duty on- and off-road equipment such as loaders, dredgers, excavators and more. The company operates various gravel pits and concrete plants between Washington and Canada.

As the sand and gravel's shop foreman for eight years, Chuck Kallinen manages equipment maintenance, routine fleet inspections and oversees the quarry's team of 19 mechanics. Kallinen has worked for the company for 15 years, managing the fleet amidst the quarry's harsh terrain. A rough operating environment calls for stringent maintenance standards and, as the sand and gravel supplier expands, service bays require additional lube shops, oil tanks and equipment in order to properly maintain a functioning fleet.

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