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Heating & Ventilation

ComfortDisc Heating, Air Conditioning & Heat Recovery - All the Latest Products >> 
ComfortDisc is an innovative HVAC system that can deliver warm air heating, air conditioning and heat recovery (HRV) through modular air handling units.

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Testo's Digital Refrigeration Manifolds Range - All the Latest Products >> 
Testo offer a wide range of digital manifolds which are ideal tools for servicing and commissioning refrigeration systems and heat pumps. Whether it's the low cost, low end Testo 550 or the high end Testo 560, Testo can offer the right solution for every application!

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Senior Hargreaves - All the Latest Products >> 
One of the most expereinced HVAC companies in the UK, Senior Hargreaves manufactures and installs sheet metal ductwork to meet requirements for comfort ventilation, cooling, heating and emergency smoke control.

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Carel AHU Solutions for 2010 - All the Latest Products >> 
CAREL is a global leader in the fields of Air Conditioning, Humidification and Refrigeration. We have been making Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning controllers for more than thirty years.

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Poujoulat Therminox TI & ZI - All the Latest Products >> 
Multi-fuel Twin walled chimney insulated with high density Rockwool, for all domestic ,collective and industrial installations. ZI is suitable only for installing inside the building, and TI for outside of the building.

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Class O Armaflex engineered foam insulation materials, including sheets, tubes and coils are now supplied with built-in anti-microbial protection providing continuous and lifelong protection against the proliferation of potentially infectious agents. These products are particularly appropriate for use in buildings with high occupancy levels, such as offices, hospitals, schools and leisure centres etc, but can be used anywhere to provide added 24/7 protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew.


Are you certified? - All the Latest Products >> 
Quidos operates, an online portal for Fgas company certification, allowing for SRAC companies to comply with the new laws, for more information visit

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NIBE F205P - All the Latest Products >> 
The NIBE F205P is a controlled domestic ventilation system with heat recovery via a heat pump for heating and domestic hot water.

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Riello launch the Liquid Biofuel 'Flexible' oil burner - All the Latest Products >> 
Riello has updated its Oil and Dual Fuel Burner ranges for operation with all commercial oil fuels including Gas Oil, ULSD, Kerosene and Liquid Biofuel.

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