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News - Warehouse Space Cooling with Fluid Chillers.

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Heating and Cooling hire news

Watkins Hire has supplied temporary space cooling temperature control solution to one of the UK's leading storage and logistics facilities in Manchester who provide seasonal storage, distribution & transportation for the whole of Europe for a major food producer. The company had secured a contract to store confectionary products manufactured during the summer months to be sold during the lead up to Christmas but the temperature must remain below 18°C to and humidity below 70% to prevent spoiling during storage to comply with their contract. The 47,000 m3 warehouse allocated for this contract did not have an installed space cooling or humidity control facilities.

Watkins Hire Chiller Hire specialist Chris Easterlow carried out a detailed building survey, he looked at the situation on site including transport access, available space for siting equipment both internally and externally, site power conditions, routes for flexible chilled water pipe work, before leaving site he carefully analyzed the exact storage method and the temperature and humidity requirements. With his specialist knowledge Watkins Hire developed an engineered solution. The KwikCHILL 500 chiller was selected to match the industrial space cooling demand and because the super quiet 66 db(A) Sound pressure level (10m) to ensure no disturbance to local residents.

The Site Operations Director said “Watkins Hire responded immediately to our enquiry, their specialist industrial space cooling engineer was on site with four hours of our enquiry, and offered a fast efficient space cooling solution. It did not really surprise me that it was also the most cost-effective solution. One of our major considerations when selecting Watkins Hire to supply and install the temporary cooling system was the running costs, Watkins offered the most efficient chiller rental system which kept our running costs down”

The next day

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Case Study - Mobile Chiller Hire and internal air handlers supplied for cooling workers in process factory in South Wales.

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

Watkins Hire installed a mobile 170kw chiller hire unit with 6 off 30kw internal air handlers as temperatures soared to 32° C in the process area.

Due to their recent expansion the food processing company was experiencing unacceptable temperatures in there process area, the addition of two new machines that were constantly generating heat had made working conditions very uncomfortable with temperatures soaring up to 32° C, the engineering manager advised our South Wales Sales Engineer Jason Campbell, he was looking for a solution to cool the processing area which now had four machines in constant use generating large amounts of heat and workers were threatening to down tools.

The Solution

They looked at many solutions, and had received quotations for both rental and sales options, Jason Campbell was cold calling in the area at the time and offered our Chiller hire services, After carrying out a site survey it was decided a 170kw chiller and 6 x 30kw air handling units were what was needed, a quotation was completed whilst still on site, the Chiller hire quotation was much more cost effective than the quotes supplied by our competitors, the quote was accepted and the brand new Trane Chiller hire and air handler hire equipment was installed and running the very next day to the delight of the workers and management.

Sales Engineer Jason Campbell said

“Installation was not straight forward as there was limited space in which to place the air handling units due to lifting equipment which needed to be used in the area, but after consulting with the workers suitable positions were found. Once the units were installed and running it reduced the temperature from 32 degrees to 22 degrees within hours which made the

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Case Study - Supermarket Hire Chiller and Internal Air Handlers.

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

When a leading supermarket chain wanted help to maintain their cooling during the last summers heatwave, as there existing AHU heating system was unable to keep up with the cooling demand at one of its stores. They contacted Watkins Hire for an emergency hire solution that included a KwikCHILL 80kW Trane Aquastream Chiller with internal warm air-handling units.

Watkins Hire received a call from the facility management company who maintain the store, for an emergency cooling solution to supplement the stores cooling system as the existing Air Handling system was unable to meet the increased demands due to the ambient temperatures of 28-deg C inside the store.

Watkins Hire interpreted the site requirements, equipment required for the project included a 80kw mobile packaged chiller, two 50kw Air Handling Units. The KwikCOOL chiller was selected from one of Watkins Hire extensive fleet of 1000 mobile temperature control plants.

The hire plant was delivered within hours of the initial call, with Watkins Hire own transport and lifted onto site with Watkins Hire 12 tonne HIAB crane.

From the time of delivery to site and Watkins Hire Engineers commissioning and handing over the plant to the store was completed within 14 hours.

A spokesperson for the store said "We are extremely pleased with Watkins Hire and their professional approach, and the efficiency in the way the whole contract was handled, without hesitation we will be contacting Watkins Hire again should we have the misfortune of a cooling plant failure, The standard of equipment and service was second to none, we now know what they can deliver"

Shoppers were unaffected, as a result of this project we have successfully completed several others since. Problem solved

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Watkins Hire Web Enabled Fuel Management

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

Fuel Management services, Total Control, no effort, guaranteed fuel levels and supplies.

Watkins Hire are a temperature control rental company and after 149 years they continue to innovate, the latest innovation from Watkins Hire is a web based automated remote fuel level monitoring and fuel reordering system to guarantee your hired in plant never runs out of fuel again.

When a hire company offers fuel management this should not mean taking fuel readings and doing it all by yourself.

You can use our revolutionary web enabled fuel management system to ensure you never run out of fuel again provides access to important hired in equipment fuel level data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you access to critical information when you need it.

How much does this service cost?

The remote fuel management service is free and is fitted as standard to all FuekPAK tanks from 1000-litres to 6500-litres. Watkins Hire only charge for the fuel supplied and, because of the volume of fuel we purchase we can offer you cost-effective and competitive prices for fuel supply, and guarantee your hired in plant never runs out of fuel again.

Fuel Pricing?

We agree a price that reflects the current market fuel price when you take delivery of the hire equipment, we notify you prior to delivery of any changes in price prior to fuel delivery.

Why use Watkins Hire for fuel management?

  • 30 day credit terms on all fuel supplies. (Fuel distributors normally ask for 7 to 14 days credit terms)
  • Guaranteed never to run out of fuel
  • Guaranteed never to over order
  • Competitive pricing
  • Web based login to view your fuel usage and levels 24/7

To get a login and use our fuel management system, contact us on

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Watkins Hire Chiller Hire division welcomes our new team member Andrew Ellis

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

Watkins Hire are Europe's largest independent specialist mobile temperature rental company the Chiller rental team has been further strengthened by the recent employment of Andy Ellis, with Andrew's apprenticeship in HEVAC contracting and over 23 years experience in the HEVAC hire industry, Andrew's experience in temperature rental control field for events, process and large scale cooling and air conditioning helps consolidate Watkins Hire’s position as the market leader.

Andrew's chiller hire area will be the South of England, concentrating on expanding Watkins already extensive chiller hire contracts in the south east and south west, supporting facilities managers and mangement companies when and wherever temporary cooling is required.

Mark Hills Managing Director said "We are very pleased to welcome Andrew to our temperature control rental team, Andrew's chiller hire experience knowledge and track record is second to none, he has for a long time been considered the most experienced specialist Chiller rental engineer in the country tackling some to the largest and complicated temporary cooling applications. With Andrew's wealth of experience in both boiler hire and chiller hire he has already began to share his chiller hire knowledge with our other sales engineers with application training on onsite training. Andy brings additional product knowledge and chiller applications experience to help increase the Watkins Hire profile, brand name and business levels for our expanding hire fleet of portable air conditioners, air handling units, chillers, boilers, space heaters and associated products.

Andy Ellis Specialist Hire Director said "Joining Watkins Hire to expand their chiller rental services was an easy decision to make, the team are the most experienced and productive team of specialist temperature control hire engineers I have ever met gathered in one company, and the standard of the chiller hire fleet is second to none, I have a vast experience using many different Chiller

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BioDiesel Heater Rental

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

Watkins Hire Events are an events temperature control rental company after 149 years they continue to innovate, the latest innovation from Watkins Hire is their new BioDiesel site heater for carbon neutral temporary heating.

There's been a lot of talk about whether biodiesel is green or not recently. A lot of people have been understandably shocked to realise that not all biodiesels have credible green credentials. Sustainable Bio-diesel, which is derived from used cooking oil, is a sustainable, cleaner burning alternative to fossil-diesel. Watkins have developed the heater to help their clients minimise the impacts on the environment, they are the first heater hire company to develop a temporary site heater that operates on locally sourced 100% sustainable bio diesel manufactured to EN14214 standard.

The BioDiesel heater has several unique features and makes all other site heaters either redundant or very archaic and outdated.

A unique feature of the Watkins BioDiesel site heater it is the 1st site heater available in the European rental market to fully comply with all EU legislation for fuel storage and transportation, the heater comes with an incredible 1000-litre bunded fuel tank which is integral to the heater which provide the hirer with 54 hours of operation before refuelling is required. The site heater has been rigorously tested and is certified by UN to comply with ADR & PPG2 and PPG26 all this simply means the heater is the only heater available on the market that can be legally delivered to site full of fuel.

Caring about the environment is not just about using BioDiesel instead of fossil fuel diesel, or ensuring full compliance with fuel storage and transportation, Watkins have shown their true commitment to their clients and the environment by fitting the BioDiesel event heater with a time clock for unattended operation allowing timed starting and stopping

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Instant Heat and Hotwater - Mobile Heating and Hotwater Boiler Hire keeps luxurious hotel operational.

Watkins Hire News >> 
Heating and Cooling hire news

Watkins Hire installed two mobile oil fired LPHW heating and DHW boilers to provide heating and hotwater to a 13th Century Country House Hotel set in 10 acres of glorious gardens.

The Problem

During the summer floods of 2007 a 13th Century Country House Hotel based in the West country became victim to rising water levels, whilst the majority of the hotel escaped water damage one area suffered extensive damage. The boiler room was below ground level in a cellar under the hotel and was completely submerged for several days. The heart of any hotel is its boiler room, when the flood water receded the hotel insurers loss adjusters accessed the damage and declared all boiler plant equipment un-repairable. Heating contractors were called into quote for replacement, however it soon be apparent the hotel would be faced with a 12 week period without heating or hotwater. Faced with the delay in replacing the entre boiler plant room the loss adjuster and the owners of the hotel looked for a solution to mitigate losses and keep the hotel operational. Watkins Hire was contacted by the loss adjuster to provide an emergency temporary heating and hotwater boiler hire solution.

The Solution

Watkins Hire received a phone call and immediately dispatched a heating boiler rental specialist sales engineer to access the hotels requirements. On arriving at the hotel Watkins boiler hire were able to guarantee heating and hotwater by the close of business the same day, with a call to Watkins Hire's West Midlands depot heating boiler hire units and ancillary equipment were loaded to Watkins own transport and were on the way. Watkins Hire are currently supplying temporary heating boiler rental equipment to many flood damaged properties around the United Kingdom from a large manufacturing plants, two schools, a leisure centre, office’s and several retail and

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Vent-Axia, leaders in energy efficient ventilation, has launched a heat pump division to complement its comprehensive Lo-Carbon ventilation range. Launching in May, the heat pump division is set to offer both ground source and air source heat pumps aimed at the domestic and light commercial markets.

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The Midtherm Windvent System - All the Latest Products >> 
At Midtherm we are leading the way in offering Naturally Driven solutions to the problems faced in the modern workplace. Problems like how to be environmentally friendly without compromising the demands of the workplace. How to improve staff productivity without changing the way things work. And how to find simple, cost-effective solutions to modern dilemmas.

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Vectaire's range of Whole House Heat Recovery Units are continually expanding to include new products ensuring the best in energy efficiency and performance. All are SAP Q eligible

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