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Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance

Advanced Rail Motor Testing at BRUSH Traction Loughborough

The Heritage of Brush Traction at its 70 acre site in Loughborough stretches back to 1864,

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Sonatest launch the veo Phased Array flaw detector.

As a result of Sonatest’s drive to bring desirable and innovative products to the NDT market, a new Phased Array instrument is now launched, the veo 16:64.  The veo is a fully capable Phased Array instrument with multi-technique functionality, including TOFD; fast data recording, a simple to use interface and rugged housing design renders the veo a performance leader from the beginning.  Combine this with Sonatest’s outstanding commitment to customer support and product service; the user experience is a winning one.  Typical applications include Pipeline Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.

Key design elements considered in the development of the veo series are user and performance focussed which include simple controls and a workflow driven Menu structure.  The 3D Scanplan feature displays a full 3D view of the user’s test set up including probes, wedges, the weld and geometry, with phased array beams.  There are also on-board probe and wedge databases for fast setups.
Power & Performance perfectly packaged.

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New Inline Particle Detector

The Icount particle detector and now the IcountBS remote operating Bottle Sampler represent some of the most up to date technology in solid particle detection. The design dynamics, attention to detail and moulding compactness of the IcountPD combines with on-board, laser based, leading-edge technology to bring to all industry a truly revolutionary particle detector. For more information on the Icount family of products e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Join the E-volution!

The next generation shaft alignment system from Damalini, Easy-Laser® E710, is a wireless, colour display system with functions for all the important stages of machine setup.

Using a single instrument, you now have the potential to trouble-shoot and prevent wear and breakdowns in your machines: check the flatness of the machine base – check any bearing play and soft foot ¬– measure and align the machine. Easy-Laser® E710 is also first on the market with barcode reader. Just scan the machine tag, and you are immediately ready for measurement! Other features are multi language programs and electronic laser targets.
The Easy-Laser® E710 is expandable for digital sheave/pulley alignment, vibration level check and geometric measurement. No other system on the market can offer this flexibility. A very long operating life, a robust design and 2-year warranty provide a measurement system that is both reliable, easy to use and to own.

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SPM Instrument launches revolutionary measuring technique for condition monitoring

In  conjunction with the company’s 40th anniversary, SPM Instrument AB now presents the next generation of its well-known shock pulse method.

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The April 2010 edition of EMS magazine now available to read online.

The February 2010 edition of Engineering Maintenance Solutions magazine is now available to read online. This edition contains articles on achieving best practice in condition monitoring and plant maintenance. As well as special focuses on value driven  maintenance, ATEX Equipment and more as well as the latest industry news and products.

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The Hidden possibility - SPM Instrument

Stan Jackson, managing director of SPM Instrument UK, looks at the financial benefits of condition monitoring. The trend in British industry has been towards larger companies operated by less people. Machines have as far as possible replaced human labour.

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AE-Ultraspan wireless sensor

These sensors are general purpose products that can be used in a very wide range of applications involving machines, processes and structures for :

    * investigations
    * diagnostics
    * application development

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Align The Machine

Did you know that approximately 50% of vibration-based damage to rotating equipment involves misalignment issues? When machinery is well-aligned, MTBF increases and power consumption drops. Not a bad way to cut operating costs!

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The next generation of lubrication systems

The world's first temperature independent electro-chemical lubrication system.

EUERDORF. If you have ever used an electrochemical lubrication system, you know the effect that fluctuating ambient temperatures have on the discharge and the discharge period.

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