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Rapi-Lux Doors

Image             1 metre per second opening.

Strong sheet metal frame protected by anti-corrosive coating.

Insulated curtain available.

Photocell to prevent closure if obstructed, for optimal safety.

High energy retention.

Various vision panel options.

Minimum maintenance.



As above with added security of a roller shutter door.

Safety interlocks enable only one door to work at one time the other remains in the open position.

Rapi-Lux - Technical Information


Made with a polyester curtain, Rapi-Lux doors are able to fold up by means of belts rolling on a shaft in the horizontal crosspiece at a rate of one metre per second. Due to the speed of opening and shutting, along with sealing brushes, these doors are able to minimise heat loss and increase pest control. A wide variety of automation is also available for extra convenience.

Available in a number of colours, with various vision panels optional, these doors are an asset to any building. To ensure optimal safety two photocells are fitted to prevent closure if the opening is obstructed.

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