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SPM Instrument launches Intellinova Parallel MB1

11 09 15 22

SPM Instrument, leading worldwide provider of condition monitoring technology and products, now announces the launch of Intellinova® Parallel MB, a new unit in the Intellinova product range for continuous monitoring of rotating machinery.


With parallel-processing capability, Intellinova® Parallel MB is a highly efficient monitoring solution for a broad range of industrial applications.

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Intellinova® Parallel MB is a small and robust unit for parallel condition measurement on four channels. With online or offline capabilities, this compact-size unit supports all vibration and shock pulse techniques, including the high definition technologies HD Enveloping® and SPM HD® for superior vibration, lubrication and shock pulse monitoring, providing immediate condition evaluation.

High-performance characteristics and easy configuration

Intellinova® Parallel MB delivers advanced vibration analysis and shock pulse monitoring in a small, high-performance package. Careful hardware design and component selection ensures exceptional response time and high-efficiency data acquisition, making the system well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The unit is easy to configure, using rotary switches on the front panel. In offline mode, the appropriate settings are selected from a large number of predefined setups stored in an internal configuration file. When operating online, the measurement setup is configured via the Modbus master.

Ideal for operator-based maintenance

For facilities implementing operator-based maintenance to optimize plant reliability, Intellinova® Parallel MB is an excellent candidate for first-line condition monitoring. Run as an offline unit, Intellinova® Parallel MB can be connected for example to an alarm light, siren, circuit breaker or other external device, alerting for fault symptoms such as gear and bearing faults, unbalance, poor lubrication etc. In case of high readings, follow-up and further analysis can be done using a portable instrument on the unit’s isolated signal output.

Trouble-free communication with process control systems

Intellinova® Parallel MB is also easily integrated into existing industrial automation systems via the widely supported Modbus RTU protocol, thus enabling troublefree communication of measuring results to PLCs, SCADA or other process control systems.

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