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DRYPOINT® M eco control. A new class of compressed air dryers

beko jan 18 3With the DRYPOINT M eco control, we are launching the world's first drying system that allows for the precise control of the degree of drying across a defined range. Operators are then in a position to optimise the compressed air quality to suit their specific applications, as the chosen degree of drying is always met, even under changing operating conditions. What is more: The system only consumes energy when in drying operation mode. The new drying system closes the gap that currently exists between refrigeration and adsorption dryers.

The DRYPOINT M eco control combines low cost and excellent operational safety with short reaction times and a compact installed size. This is why this product series also bears our eco seal.

Thanks to the advanced technology behind the DRYPOINT M eco control, the purge air demand is reduced in line with the actual compressed air volume, minimising operating costs. For this purpose, the device is equipped with a sensor that measures the humidity and temperature of the compressed air at the outlet of the membrane dryer. These measurements are taken into account for the cycle control of the solenoid valve for dosed purge air supply.

The control software decides in cycles if and for how long the complete purge air volume is to be supplied in order to achieve and stabilise the required degree of drying. The purge air control system of the DRYPOINT M eco control works independently, and all control parameters are obtained automatically from the process.

The system is made from tried and tested components including a membrane dryer, compressed air filter, control unit and sensors that are easy to operate and requires only minimum maintenance. All you need to do is change the filter elements from time to time. The fail-safe function guarantees that the compressed air is dried to the desired level, even in the event of a power failure.

For more information, please contact BEKO TECHNOLOGIES on 01527 575778.