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Energy surveys from ERIKSWith the continuing increase in energy costs and with many fixed price deals currently coming to an end there has never been a greater emphasis on reducing energy bills in the FM sector. Facilities managers and facilities management (FM) companies can now cut costs and increase efficiency by making use of the new and comprehensive support package being offered by ERIKS Electro-Mechanical Services, part of ERIKS UK, a corporate member of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

Specifically designed to complement facilities management operations, the package draws on the enormous product portfolio, resources and expertise of ERIKS to go far beyond the simple repair services offered by other support companies. A key part of the package, especially given the current climate, is the energy surveys that ERIKS conducts. In the past, these have revealed energy-wasting problems such as un-lagged pipes, poorly fitted refrigerator doors and leaking compressed air lines. By rectifying problems of this type, ERIKS cut the energy bills for one of its clients by £60,000 per year.

Energy surveys from ERIKS include thermography, in which the company has invested heavily both in the training of personnel and in equipment. The company has 10 people certified as Level 2 thermographers which unquestionably places them above other providers in terms of numbers of personnel trained and level of accomplishment and experience. Thermographic surveys can detect heat loss both in the fabric of a building and also in the electro mechanical equipment itself which assists towards a comprehensive solution.

Other aspects of ERIKS’ energy surveys include ultrasonic inspection, detecting costly air leaks from compressed air systems, and, demonstrating the engineering expertise with which it is traditionally associated, vibration analysis, shaft alignment and power consumption from both rotating and static equipment.

Following an energy survey ERIKS is able to provide calculations that demonstrate the potential savings that can be achieved by rectifying any energy wasting problems. This information helps facilities managers identify their priorities and gives them a clear indication on the length of payback on any capital expenditure they make. ERIKS is also able to offer advice about financing initiatives available through such bodies as the Carbon Trust.

For every facilities management project undertaken, ERIKS Electro-Mechanical Services considers not just the immediate expenditure, but also the lifetime cost of the work. For example, it may be possible to repair a faulty item of plant, but often costs will be lower in the medium and long term if it is replaced by a more energy-efficient equivalent.

In these cases, ERIKS gives unbiased expert advice and, if the decision is made to purchase new equipment, the company can use its unmatched buying power in the engineering sector to source this at the best possible price. Naturally, if repair is the best and most economic option, ERIKS has all of the services and skills required to carry out this work to the highest standards.

ERIKS Electromechanical Services operates on a partnership basis with its clients in the FM sector. The company can, for example, include in its package activities such as plant condition monitoring to reduce the risk of unplanned outages, routine maintenance, and even the undertaking of projects such building work and refurbishment of low- and medium-voltage electrical switchgear.

The facilities management support package offered by ERIKS Electro-Mechanical Services is the most comprehensive of its type, and can be formulated to cover every aspect of electrical, mechanical and building management operations.

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ERIKS UK comprises: ERIKS Automotive; ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services; ERIKS Industrial Distribution; ERIKS Integrated Solutions; ERIKS International and ERIKS Sealing and Flow Technology plus a network of 103 Service Centres located around the UK.
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