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Voltage performance monitoring made easy by Ideal Industries

Equipment failure caused by voltage instability can cost companies thousands of pounds in time and money every year.  The new Voltage Performance Monitor (VPM) from Ideal Industries gives building maintenance personnel, IT professionals and electricians a cost-effective solution to test voltage quality quickly and easily.

In recent years a massive rise in the number of non-linear loads

The VPM plugs directly into the wall outlet, with the data you need displayed clearly on the LCD screen. It can store 512 events and comes pre-loaded with 15 international standards including EN50160 and a custom option so users can set their own test limits. Events are time and date stamped and can be reviewed at any time.

Simple to use, it logs only critical voltage events.  The VPM alerts you to sags, swells, spikes and total harmonic distortion (THD), and logs the severity and duration of each voltage event.

Gilbert Owens, UK Sales Manager at Ideal Industries, comments: “The majority of voltage disturbances originate from within a facility itself, not from the external power supply.  With the growing amount of electronic devices on circuits today, from IT equipment to lighting ballasts, regular monitoring of voltage quality has never been more important”.

“For the first time plant and facility maintenance engineers can purchase a low-cost solution for monitoring circuits to which critical pieces of equipment such as PLC’s are connected”.

The Facility Monitoring Kit (61-2005) consisting of five VPM’s allows multiple points along the circuit to be monitored. An engineer may decide to install VPM’s close to where critical equipment is located so that voltage issues can be identified before they cause equipment failure and lost production. 

The Voltage Performance Monitor - which comes with a 2 year warranty is available in two kits. Both kits come with international plug adapters, carrying case and a quick reference guide. The 61-830 consists of one VPM and is priced at £275.00 excl. VAT (€399). The 61-2005 Facility Monitoring Kit consists of 5 VPM’s and is priced at £1120.00 excl. VAT (€1625.00).

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