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Hazardous Area Weighing Advanced Webinar

Equipment and products operating in hazardous areas are required to meet stringent criteria. They must be 'protected' to avoid the possibility of them becoming a source of ignition. Weighing systems are often an integral part of a process within the hazardous area and therefore must have suitable protection.

METTER TOLEDO invites you to register for our FREE webinar on hazardous area weighing, being held on Thursday 15 April.

This online seminar takes a look at hazardous area weighing with a focus on: The risk of dust, the advantages of intrinsically safe design and new developments in hazardous weighing technology.

Many industries face major challenges when defining a zone as hazardous and this can have may implications for your business.

With METTLER TOLEDO’s solutions for hazardous areas, apparent contrasts turn into one set of standards. Our wide selection of intrinsically safe weighing systems includes balances, indicators and accessories, weighing modules, and weighing platforms of several sizes, shapes and capacities. These can be seamlessly integrated into your specific processes and can boost productivity and increase product quality while keeping your workplace safe.

Complete safety is guaranteed with globally approved equipment for explosive environments classified as Zone 1 and 21, or Division 1 and Zone 2 and 22, or Division 2.

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