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CorDEX Instruments, the developer of portable equipment for explosive atmospheres, has introduced another world-first.  Its new and unique Centurion XPM2 digital camera is designed specifically for use in the mining environment and brings a host of benefits.  By comparison with alternatives it removes the need for time-consuming protocol, provides far greater flexibility in use and above all makes imaging easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

The Centurion XPM2 explosion-proof digital camera combines robust construction with high image clarity.  It incorporates a 5 million pixel detector array with onboard interpolation options.  This allows image resolution to be increased to an outstanding 10 Mp.   In addition to taking still images it can also capture moving pictures in AVI format for replay with conventional Windows Media Player software.

Captured images are quickly reviewed for their clarity and content in the field on the armoured and backlit, 61mm LCD screen located at the back of the Centurion XPM2.  This offers a distinct benefit over alternative cameras, whose point-and-shoot design deprives the user of this checking ability.

Another significant benefit of this new ATEX certified digital camera is that it is not subject to a hot work permit.  Its use is therefore never delayed by paperwork and no plant shutdown is required.  Furthermore, as it can be employed with complete freedom in the mine, the camera operator can be much more spontaneous.  For example if he or she sees a new and unreported problem, it can be recorded on an image there and then.

Designed for all weather and both day and night operation, the Centurion XPM2 features a high intensity strobe flash for underground imaging.  It can also be set to compensate for over and under exposure caused by reflective targets.  The camera’s 2Gb in-built memory allows hundreds of images to be stored in JPEG format.  These can then be downloaded via high speed USB connection to a PC once in a safe area and manipulated with standard image editing software.

A removable, rechargeable battery pack allows almost 3 hours of continuous camera operation.  Additional batteries can be charged in the safe area for fast turnaround on the charging station that is supplied as standard within the product package.

The CorDEX Centurion XPM2 provides important evidence for documenting compliance with Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR).  Its images are also valuable in identifying malfunctioning equipment for maintenance or repair and for assuring the repeatability of production processes within the framework of quality control.  This is the ultimate digital camera for mining professionals, allowing the quick and easy documentation of critical equipment and processes within the mining environment.
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