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Riello’s premix burners up to 3MW

ems nov 19 27Riello’s premix burners up to 3MW

Riello RX premix packaged burners are available in outputs up to 3MW, offering NOx levels of less than 40mg/kWh, with high turndown ratios of up to 8:1.
The main differences between traditional pressure jet burners and premix burners relate to the ways in which the air and gas is mixed and in the technology of the combustion head. (Read More)

In traditional pressure jet burners, the gas and the combustion air are mixed at the point of ignition on the end of the combustion head in the space available in the combustion chamber (diffusive flame).

Riello RX burners feature an exclusive design that includes a patented woven wire gauze ‘sock’ covering the combustion head cylinder. This arrangement enables a very compact flame with a diameter directly related to the burner firing rate, ensuring precise heat control and optimum efficiency at all loads.

The high turndown makes RX burners ideal for systems with variable heat loads where low NOx levels are also required. These range from condensing boilers through to process applications such as spray booths and industrial ovens.

The geometry of the gas ports is designed specifically to ensure that throughout the modulation range the speed of the air/gas mixture is sufficient to avoid burn-back. Also, the high combustion intensity developed on the premix burner head means that a greater heat output is achieved over a much smaller combustion head dimension, when compared to other burner technologies.

RX burners can be used in conjunction with variable speed drive motors to reduce electricity consumption and lower noise levels even further than the typical 30% noise reduction compared to many other combustion applications. Control options include progressive two-stage operation and fully modulating via 0-10V or 4-20 mA. Full electronic control with operational and diagnostic display is also available.

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