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3M launches Secure Click respirator series

ems nov 19 173M launches Secure Click respirator series

Advanced features for breathability, comfort and wearer peace of mind

3M, the science-based technology company, has launched a new half facepiece respirator series, Secure Click HF-800, with features providing next-generation breathability, comfort and simplicity. (Read More)

The respirator has an innovative Secure Click connection that works like a seat belt, enabling workers to easily connect filters and cartridges to the facepiece with a simple click that is audible, so wearers can hear that the filter or cartridge is installed properly. A one-touch user seal check also gives wearers confidence that their respirator is being worn properly.

Secure Click HF-800 Series from 3M also features the world’s first quad-flow cartridge system. Two dual-flow cartridges on each respirator combine to create four air flow paths for easier breathing and comfort.  The exhalation valve helps direct exhaled breath and moisture downwards.
The respirator also incorporates a speaking diaphragm (optional in some models) to make communication easier while working.

Additionally, the low-profile facepiece design features a unique silicone faceseal with a flex-joint nose bridge for greater comfort, a wide field of view and compatibility with certain welding and grinding shields.

Applications of use (with correct filter selection) may include grinding, sanding, light welding, spraying, blasting, cleaning, forging, cutting, finishing and painting.

The HF-800 respirator may be used with Secure Click D8000 Series gas and vapour cartridges and D3000/D7000 Series particulate filters from 3M against a variety of gases, vapours and particulate hazards, according to European Standards (EN).

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