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Don’t let overheating disrupt you this summer.

Don’t let overheating disrupt you this summer.

Plan ahead with EcoCooling’s direct fresh air and evaporative cooling technologies

Last year’s unusually hot summer caused disruption for many factories and industrial facilities where heat-fatigued staff and customers resulted in drops in production and sales.  While refrigeration systems are considered too expensive and uneconomical for large space cooling, evaporative cooling offers a cost effective and reliable alternative.

The Solution

EcoCooling fresh air and adiabatic/evaporative cooling systems are installed in over 2000 facilities across the UK, providing fresh cool air to people and processes without the need for refrigeration.  Clients have seen productivity in sites improve by up to 30% after the installation of EcoCooling equipment.

It’s Science not Magic

During colder weather the EcoCooling system works in ventilation mode, outside air is used to cool the building while hot air is extracted out. On hotter days, the natural process of evaporation is used in EcoCoolers to cool incoming air. By evaporating water into the air, temperatures are reduced without the need for mechanical refrigeration, making evaporative cooling an economically viable and green option for large building and process cooling. Temperatures below 210C guaranteed all year round, on the hottest days EcoCooling systems can often outperform their refrigeration based alternatives.

Energy Consumption: Running costs for a single unit ECP external EcoCooler Small based on an average airflow of 12,000 m3/hr are (see table 1).

Spot cooling: One ECP EcoCooler can provide cooling for 15m diameter circle of floor space, doors and windows being open will not affect performance.

Mobile coolers: Mobile coolers offer a flexible alternative to a fixed installation and can be used as trials.  Contact us for more details. 01284 810586

Where does the energy usage come from?

99% of the energy used in an evaporative cooling system is on the fans, which move air throughout the building.  The energy usage of the system does not increase when the evaporative cooling is turned on, so rising bills in summer should not be a worry.

How do I get a free quote for supply and install?

EcoCooling has a UK wide network of installers and maintenance providers. Give us a call today to organise a free site visit and quote. : 01284 810586
Gain reliable and efficient cooling guided by an application engineer. Just call: 01284 810586
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