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Let BPMA Provide Your Pump Training

Let BPMA Provide Your Pump Training

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) has been running dedicated pump training courses since the mid 1990’s and has helped equip hundreds of individuals with the knowledge and skills required to understand the design, installation and operation of this essential piece of equipment.   
As part of its ongoing commitment to this aspect of its service provision to both its Members and the wider ‘pump using industry’, the BPMA has secured CPD accreditation across its full training programme.

Its suite of technically based one-day courses are presented by an experienced tutor in a modular form. (Read More)  Training courses are held regularly at our offices in West Bromwich or can be held “in-house” at your premises for extra flexibility.  The current programme addresses the key subjects of Pumping Fundamentals, Pump Selection, Pump Testing, Pump Systems and finally, Hydraulic Design of Centrifugal Pumps. Each course is priced at just £300.00 +VAT. Please visit for dates and availability.  

In addition to its programme of ‘Lecture to Student’ based courses, the BPMA also offers two ‘E-Learning Courses’, namely:

  • Introduction to Pumping Technology
  • Essentials of Pumping Technology
The first of these is designed to help those individuals who are new to pumps, or those in your organisation, irrespective of job function, who would benefit from gaining some understanding of the basics of what a pump is, the various types and crucially where and how they can be used.

Both these E-Learning Courses are independently accredited by the National Open Collage Network (NOCN), which ensures yet further credibility and value to both the course and the resulting qualification.

The Introduction course costs just £180.00 +VAT & the Essentials course is priced at £600.00 +VAT. Both can be booked online via the BPMA website and can be settled by either credit card, or via invoice following receipt of an official company purchase order.

For further information, please visit - - or call Steve Smith on 0121 601 6691.