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Have you heard about THE CBM CONFERENCE?

feb march 19 23Have you heard about THE CBM CONFERENCE?

As you may know, Mobius Institute trains thousands of people just like you every year, and we know that everyone needs the opportunity to learn more about condition monitoring and reliability improvement. It is important to get hands-on experience with the tools and techniques, listen to educational presentations, meet with other practitioners, learn from practitioner case studies, and meet with the companies that provide products and services that help us in our work. (Read More)

You can do all this and more at THE CBM CONFERENCE; there is nothing else like it!

We listened to your feedback and have added more reliability training, certification opportunities, and more interactive and hands-on sessions, and we have clearly identified the level of each session (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The conference is growing, and we expect this year’s to be bigger and better than ever!

Coming up, THE CBM CONFERENCE will be in the Middle East (8-11 April 2019) and Europe (3-6 June 2019) where Jason Tranter, the CEO & Founder of Mobius Institute, will deliver the Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) 3-day course with optional certification exam and a dedicated stream of interactive sessions. Paul Dufresne, Advisor at Mobius Institute, will deliver a keynote address (seriously, don’t miss it), and Dennis Swanepoel, Lead Technician at WearCheck, will deliver an interactive vibration analysis session, but that is just the beginning of the great hands-on sessions and workshops that you can experience!

In addition to the Middle East and Europe, THE CBM CONFERENCE tour will also be coming to the USA (September 10-13), the United Kingdom (October 7-9), Australia (November 11-14) and Mexico (December 3-5) in 2019.

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Check out our website for more information and to register: