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Condition Monitoring. A different type of insurance.

Condition Monitoring. A different type of insurance.

Insurance. It is probably fair to say that no one likes paying for it, but we are relieved to have it when the time comes to make a claim for an unexpected breakdown, loss of equipment or loss of output.

A real bugbear of insurance is that it can feel like ‘lost’ money in the years when a claim is not made.

The same ‘what am I getting for my money’ can also be applied to condition monitoring sensors when used as part of a predictive maintenance strategy. (Read More)

You buy and fit the sensor and then…? If your gearbox, for example, is running well then the sensor can just show that all is fine and no maintenance is required. That’s fine, but where is the return on investment in that?

Condition monitoring is a different kind of insurance. It provides re-assurance when all is well, but a real-time, continuous sensor, such as vibration or oil debris, will also provide you with the cover of alerting you early when a problem is developing. This gives the opportunity to take remedial action in a planned and efficient way before that problem develops into a catastrophic failure.

The high costs of downtime, repair and loss of output mean that, typically, preventing one failure will provide a full return on the investment cost of the condition monitoring sensor.
Additionally, when used as part of a predictive maintenance programme, a condition monitoring sensor will reduce your maintenance expenditure by providing the insight that the equipment is running well and does not require any routine or time-based activity.

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