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How power-hungry is your compressed air system?

feb march 19 14How power-hungry is your compressed air system?

Would you like to reduce your compressed air system’s costs and increase its output? Mark Whitmore from BOGE offers the following guidance to unlock what it describes as a truly astonishing level of untapped potential for improving efficiency. (Read More)

1. Control
Effective controls can be used to match compressed air flow and pressure more efficiently with demand. These include:

  • Start/stop – switching the drive motor on or off in response to discharge pressure
  • Load/unload – allowing continuous motor running, but unloading the compressor when the  discharge pressure is adequate
  • Modulating controls – varying compressor output to meet flow requirements
  • Variable speed drives (VSD) – controlling the unit’s speed (in rpm) to lower energy cost, limit power surges and deliver more
  • constant pressure
2. Upgrading
Compressor breakdowns are common and often result in a week or more of downtime. A compressor typically lasts 10 to 15 years before further repairs cease to be economically viable. By then, it will already have been losing efficiency year on year. A modern replacement unit with VSD can cut energy consumption by as much as 50 per cent, perform more reliably, lower your maintenance needs and even extend the compressors lifespan.

3. Monitoring
To know whether your compressors, pipework and system need attention or replacement, one option is to install a data monitoring device such as BOGE’s airstatus. You can also ask BOGE, or another manufacturer or consultant, to carry out a one-week compressed air energy assessment. Make sure the provider follows international standard ISO 11011:2013.

4. Maintenance
Poor maintenance is a recipe for reduced energy efficiency, more breakdowns, lost productivity, extra repair costs and other expenses. A related issue is the need to fix leaks in the pipework. Specialists like BOGE or one of their approved distributor partners are best placed to maintain maximum output from your system while controlling costs.

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