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Air Design unveils 2019 ‘Vision for air quality’

feb march 19 9Air Design unveils 2019 ‘Vision for air quality’

Air Design, the leading brand of air handling units from Elta Group, has invested £150k into its portfolio and proposition while claiming more needs to be done to address indoor air quality (IAQ) in 2019.

By evolving three key product areas, Air Design is helping customers combat indoor air quality while providing end-users with more benefits in terms of efficiency and control. (Read More)

Updates to the range include: Air Design’s popular PREMA range being bolstered with a new coolth* recovery feature; the launch of a new standard heat recovery unit for larger projects; the launch of a new integrated controls package; and investment into aftersales support and onsite start-up capabilities.

Ana Cross, Associate Product Manager Air Handling Systems (UK) at Elta Group explains: “Headlines remain saturated with stories on the health impact of traffic emissions costing taxpayers billions, however indoor air quality is far too often worse than its outdoor equivalent. While our buildings are getting more efficient, there is still not enough focus on occupant’s health. It is vital that the building services industry places more emphasis on indoor air quality this year.”

Air Design works closely with project design engineers to better choose the air cleaning device that will provide protection and the desired level of IAQ whilst taking into account the local environment and ambient air quality.

“For Air Design, indoor air quality is no longer the “buzz” word for a problem, but it is instead, the innovative and integrated solution of enhanced filtration capabilities with indoor air quality and energy recovery management.

“Next year is the year of knowledge for Air Design. We endeavour to help our customers to educate their customers on the benefits of enhanced filtration and heat and coolth recovery in different environments, at the same time as providing clarification around the standards they should be also complying with. We understand our customers are busy people so we want to make their role in improving indoor air quality as easy as possible.”
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