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Keep Learning with CBM CONNECT

Keep Learning with CBM CONNECT

If you are involved with condition monitoring and reliability improvement, you know there is a lot to learn, and there is so much at stake. As they say, “you are only as good as your last recommendation”. But how do you keep learning? Do you randomly ask google and keep your fingers crossed (that you find what you want and that it is accurate and up-to-date)?  Well, now there is a much better way to stay ahead, and to contribute if you are willing to share.

CBM CONNECT is a new website that is filled with videos, tips, articles, and mini-courses that covers the topics you need – well, assuming you are interested in the following technologies: Alignment & Balance, Condition Monitoring Management, (Read More)  Lubrication, Motor Testing, Oil Analysis & Wear Particle, Thermography, Ultrasound, and Vibration Analysis.

If you are familiar with the Mobius Institute animated training, including the now famous “Nine Minutes of Knowledge” videos and popular webinars, then you will love CBM Connect. But CBM Connect goes way beyond Mobius. CBM Connect has bought together practitioners, industry experts, and solution-provider technology savants who have all joined forces to make CBM Connect the center of the known CBM universe.

CBM Connect is not like any other site. You can declare which topics interest you, and you won’t see content on the other topics. If you are tight for time you can watch two-minute tips, five-minute facts, and nine-minutes of knowledge videos. Or you can read articles, watch longer videos, or attend webinars.

Whether you want to detect problems or prevent problems, you will refresh what you were taught, and expand your knowledge and skills at CBM Connect.

Visit You can optionally register, without any charge, and be notified about topics that interest you, add content to your personal library, and take “learning paths” (like mini-courses), and more.