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Hybrid Power System

dec jan 18 7Hybrid Power System

Looking for a portable power source that can cope in any climate, is cost effective, environmentally friendly and low maintenance?

JCE Group has the solution with the innovative Hybrid Power System (HPS), which is robust enough to cope in any weather condition, climate or hard to access location and supplies reliable energy output 365 days of the year. (Read More)
The HPS consists of solar panels, a wind turbine, battery system, control panel and distribution board to create a fully autonomous energy system, generating power from sunlight and wind which is stored in the battery.

JCE Group can customise the design and manufacture of the HPS specific to your power requirements as there is a variety of voltages and loads available. We can also certify the HPS for whatever environment it’s used in, including marine duty and EX rated for hazardous areas.

Once the Hybrid Power System is complete, it can be carefully packed away into a containerised unit for easy transportation and optimal protection. We can arrange for the complete package to be delivered across the globe through various means of transport. The HPS is an ideal solution for any industry or project in a remote location where power supply is in demand, including jungles, deserts, marine applications and unmanned platforms.

After the stand-alone unit arrives on site, unpacking and installation requires minimal time and effort as it is designed to eradicate any need for external wiring. The HPS can be assembled and ready for use within hours. Our specialised team of electrical engineers can even be on hand to ensure a seamless installation and initiation of the system on site.

Multiple applications can be used in conjunction with the Hybrid Power System, including bird scaring devices, navaids, lights and security cameras, which are all supplied by JCE Group. We can also add our intelligent telemetry system to the HPS, allowing you to monitor your asset from a distant location, ensuring performances remain at optimum levels.

The HPS offers significant reductions in operational expenditure from other power supply solutions, as it requires minimal supervision and maintenance to continue peak performance. With a lifespan of 25-30 Years JCE Group’s Hybrid Power System can be a long term solution to your power and energy needs.

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