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As The Heat Rises, Your Industrial Cooling Costs Don’t Have To

ems aug sept 18 19As The Heat Rises, Your Industrial Cooling Costs Don’t Have To

A breath of fresh air from EcoCooling: specialists in direct evaporative cooling

Many industrial and commercial spaces are now suffering the effects of heat, particularly in areas where mezzanine floors have been built or in new warehouses that have been well insulated for the colder months.   EcoCooling evaporative coolers offer a balanced ventilation scheme which can ensure full compliance with typically only (Read More)  60% of the capital costs of air conditioning and 10% of the running costs.
Due to the large floor space within most warehouses and factories, the financial and energy savings can be astounding. Many customers who make the switch from traditional air conditioning to evaporative cooling are overwhelmed with the results.  Some of the clients EcoCooling have helped save money include BT, Herman Miller, Decathlon and Cummins Diesel.

GSM Automotive in Brecon, Wales, a key supplier to Jaguar Land Rover, were experiencing exceptionally warm conditions on their shop floor, affecting production and making working conditions extremely uncomfortable.  The ideal solution was to find a cooling system that allowed naturally fresh air into the building, giving workers fresh natural air to breathe as well as cooling the shop floor for production purposes.

Providing the ultimate fit to the solution, EcoCooling were able to use their ECP evaporative coolers to help remedy the high shop floor temperatures. Two EcoCoolers were installed along the roof including two roof-mounted extraction fans, allowing for ideal shop floor cooling.

GSM Automotive were considering using traditional air conditioning to cool the area, however, when compared to the EcoCooling system, the operational running costs resulted in massive savings. The EcoCoolers will cost less than £195 per annum to run. In comparison, cooling such a large area with Air Conditioning would have cost over £3,266 per annum to operate. The massive saving for the company also provides an environmentally friendly solution which reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

EcoCoolers are the perfect environmentally friendly solution for any large building. In fact, EcoCoolers are 90% MORE efficient than any traditional refrigerant-based air conditioning unit. They use 100% fresh air, require minimum maintenance and are safe and easy to operate.  Plus, unlike many large-scale cooling systems, EcoCooler solutions only require a single phase AC power supply, taking efficiency and versatility of application to the next level.

The EcoCooling range is the only evaporative cooler designed specifically for the UK and European industrial and commercial market. Having been operational for over 15 years, they have more than 3500 installations in the UK with a growing roster of different applications.

Versatile Product ranges:

EXTERNAL PRODUCT RANGE (ECP): Proven Technology and Results
The ECP range of coolers can be installed externally or inside a plant room. The standard unit is down flow, however top and side discharge configurations are also available.

Capitalising on their vast industry experience, EcoCooling work closely with consultants and end-user clients to optimise cooling technology, whatever the scale, age or purpose of the space. Simplicity is the core principal of evaporative cooling and EcoCooling carry this notion through every area of their complimentary design advice service.

The several large warehouses in Bury St Edmunds are home to our innovative R&D team and on-site manufacturing as well as stock for all coolers. With an extensive and streamlined UK installation network, lead times are short. Should they be needed, an adequate supply of spares are also guaranteed.  EcoCooling pride themselves on their service to clients and are at the forefront of evaporative cooling technology and energy efficiency.

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