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Reduce your Operational Cooling Costs and Carbon Footprint

ems dec 17 22Reduce your Operational Cooling Costs and Carbon Footprint

EcoCooling are industry leading manufacturers of ventilation and evaporative cooling equipment, with over 4500 installations worldwide.

EcoCoolers provide a natural, safe and simple alternative to air conditioning which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs. (Read More)

A recent case study with has proven the success and reliability of EcoCooling’s evaporative coolers.

A glass manufacturing company approached EcoCooling to design and install a suitable cooling system for the factory around. Due to heat load in equipment such as ovens, temperatures on the shop floor regularly exceeded 45C during the summer months and could get up to 50C on the mezzanine level. Temperatures of this magnitude can result in discomfort for staff which can lead to decreases in productivity due to the extreme heat. In some factories, due to the heat, staff are required to take more frequent water breaks to be able to cope with the heat in the factory.
The Solution

A solution was needed to reduce the constant heat in the building in the most environmentally and financially friendly way.

EcoCooling were chosen as evaporative cooling can provide cool, fresh air, under 25C all year round in the UK, while also running on less than 90% of the power of the alternative air conditioning system.  In addition to the low power draw, EcoCoolers use water to cool the air rather than refrigerants, meaning the overall environmental impact of the system is reduced significantly.

The System

Three large roof mounted powered extraction units were installed to remove the heat from all levels of the factory and shop floor.  This ensured that both problem areas were cooled evenly and were delivered the correct amount of air.  Each extraction unit rated at over 25,920m3/hr to remove the hot air, cool air was then introduced through the use of four EcoCooling evaporative coolers (EcoCooling ECP units).

The whole system is able provides 160kW of cooling to the shop floor while drawing less than 9kW of power when running at full load.

Managing Director, Michael Croucher stated that the system not only improved the working conditions for his staff but the installation was seamless and didn’t cause any downtime in the factory!

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