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FIXTURLASER GO Pro No wrong turns with the Fixturlaser GO Pro

What is so special with the Fixturlaser GO Pro

, except for the wireless measurement units, the animated graphic user interface, the color screen, etc? Well, we think that the adaptive user interface, combined with the function compound moves, makes it really special, actually unique since no other laser based alignment tool in the market has this feature.

See Fixturlaser GO Pro in action!

Adaptive User Interface

When all measurements have been registered, the Fixturlaser GO Pro will recommend you how to proceed depending on the measurement result. First the alignment tool will recommend you to save the measurement result, regardless of the result. Then, if the machine is within tolerance, the Fixturlaser GO Pro will recommend you to exit the measurement.

Compound Moves

If the machine is misaligned, however, you will be recommended to go to a shims result view, i.e. the Fixturlaser GO Pro calculates how much you need to remove or add shims in order to adjust the machine vertically.

When moving on to horizontal alignment, the system goes live and will deliver real time values during the adjustment phase. No remeasurements in between adjustments are necessary, as you are never in doubt of the machine’s true position. Hence, no wrong turns with the Fixturlaser GO Pro.

Power Management System

The Fixturlaser GO Pro has an exceptional power management system. It will automatically save all critical data if and when it goes into energy saving mode or the battery goes flat, and automatically resume to where you left off, when you turn on the system again.

Measurement Technique and Accuracy

All Fixturlaser shaft alignment tools use two measurement units, i.e. two laser beams and with the integrated innovative technology, 30 mm CCD sensors and line laser, we have virtually eliminated rough alignment. This is a benefit you would not enjoy with the measurement technique that uses only one laser beam. With such a technique, you would have to remeasure after each and every adjustment.

The measurement units also deliver extremely high measurement accuracy. Measurement readings are taken in three positions with a minimum of 45° shaft rotation between them. The user can sample up to 40 measurements in each position giving a total of 120 points for calculation of a possible machine misalignment. Also, the CCD sensors allow for digital signal quality control, further enhancing the measurement accuracy.

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