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Low Cost, portable PC based vibration analysis

vibDaq Transient Base is a new 4 channel portable, low cost, out of the box vibration analysis system that enables vibration and structural engineers to monitor and log vibration data in real time.

The system runs on any PC or laptop and provides an extremely flexible way of configuring your measurement requirements. This video explains how vibDaq can help you successfully solve your vibration problems.
vibDaq Transient base is designed to enable you to collect and store vibration signals in minutes, whether you are performing machine condition monitoring, environmental monitoring or structural testing. vibDaq can be easily expanded to 100’s of channels and can accept signals directly  from most transducers including accelerometers, proximity probes and tachometers. Multiple tachometer channels can be configured to provide rotational analysis of products such as bearings, motors, pumps, engines, gearboxes etc. The benefits of vibDaq are:

•    Turnkey Solution
o    No need to write software
•    Easy to use
o    Configured and running in minutes
•    Utilizes COTS hardware
o    High performance, low cost and expandable
•    Portable
o    USB Data Acquisition hardware which can run on a laptop or netbook

vibDaq logs data in real-time to the PC’s hard drive. This data can then be played back for off-line analysis. The standard plots that are supplied with vibDaq are Time domain, Frequency spectrum, Waterfall, Bode, Polar, Shaft Centreline, Trend and feature table.

The hardware consists of 4 independent channels housed in one USB carrier each having 24 bit, 51.2Khz sampling, anti-aliased inputs, AC/DC coupling and provides IEPE power.

Basic vibDaq training is provided via a live web conference, however on-site training courses on how to use the full features of vibDaq are also available.

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 *vibDaq is a division of Cal-Bay Systems.

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