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Avoid the Fire Risks of Not Cleaning Kitchen Extraction Ductwork

filtrex image aug 16Ventilation and extraction systems are one of the great benefits of the modern world, and nowhere more than in commercial kitchens. Even so, like any complex system, proper maintenance is crucial. Failure to maintain kitchen extraction ductwork lays you open to perhaps the greatest hazard of all — fire.

Why the Fire Risk?

Any ventilation system will get dirty inside, since some of the pollutants it extracts will be left coating the interior. This not only affects the efficient running of the system, but also breeds diseases that range from debilitating to deadly.

A kitchen extraction system, however, is mainly ventilating grease. With this coating the filters and the inside of the ductwork, combined with the heat from the inefficient running, the whole system is a flashpoint waiting to happen.

A maintenance contract with ventilation and ductwork cleaning specialist, Filtrex Environmental, will keep you extraction system clean, safe and efficient.

The Damage a Fire Can Do

If greasy ductwork in your commercial kitchen extraction system sparks a fire, it could gut not only the kitchen, but any part of the building the ductwork runs through as well. This could mean anything from a café to a shopping mall destroyed.

If the fire’s been caused by your negligence, your insurance company is unlikely to pay up, and you’ll find yourself heavily fined. You’ll almost certainly lose your business and could end up in prison. If anyone dies in the fire, you may well face a charge of corporate manslaughter.

Professional Maintenance

An extraction system for a commercial kitchen must have a rigid maintenance schedule, with the filters taken out and cleaned daily and the whole system cleaned out and serviced anything from annually to quarterly, depending on how heavily it’s used. For anything but light use, a quarterly service is needed.

If you have a highly qualified maintenance officer, they could probably handle the daily checks, but you would need to put safeguards in place to ensure it’s never missed. It’s far safer to have professionals like Filtrex handling the job, and under no circumstances should the full service be undertaken by anyone but specialists.

For peace of mind, a regular contract with Filtrex will ensure the daily cleaning is completed like clockwork, while the full service will leave your kitchen extraction system clean, safe and running at top efficiency.