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htc-one-dec-14FLIR Systems has just announced an end of year promotion to seriously whet the appetite! Throughout December, anyone ordering a new FLIR E8, Exx-Series or T-Series thermal imaging camera will also receive a free FLIR ONE thermal imaging device for the iPhone 5/5S.  This award-winning product puts a new world of vision in the palm of your hand.  It is based on FLIR’s miniature LEPTON™ camera that is also featured in the company’s latest imaging, infrared thermometer, the FLIR TG165.

The inclusion of multi-spectral imaging (MSX) technology in the standard feature set of the FLIR E8 troubleshooting camera has made this model hugely popular and its price has fallen in line with increasing demand.  Nevertheless it has been continuously developed and the latest generation now includes manual level and span thermal tuning.  This gives the user flexible control over the brightness and contrast of the target image and makes it easier to see more subtle temperature differences and define detail.

The latest generation FLIR Exx-Series comprises three models, E40/50/60 with the top of the range providing a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.  All three have MSX technology, FLIR’s patented visual augmentation feature that extracts detail from the 3.1MP visual image, putting the thermal image sharply into context.  The enhanced image makes inspection easy and even allows details such as a fuse number to be seen clearly.

The FLIR T-Series has new features too. These premium thermal cameras now include UltraMax™, a unique imaging processing feature. UltraMax™ images have four times the thermal pixels, twice the resolution and 50% greater sensitivity than standard unprocessed images.  Other enhancements to the range include expanded temperature range, auto-focus and on-board recording of real-time radiometric video files for dynamic applications.

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