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Economical gas booster: The new Tornado WP 3325 B3– 5

sauer-april-6An expansion of the TORNADO series is now doing justice to the increasing industrial demand for high-efficiency gas boosters: Building on the tried-and-tested WP 3215 and WP 4325 and after a year of field research, we now present the new WP 3325 B3–5.


Available as the BasBoosterR or the ComBoosterR variant, the standard three-cylinder model can directly intake 3 – 5 bar and compress it to up to 300 bar in three stages, with special designs capable of up to 400 bar.
This cuts down on energy costs by up to 20 %! In addition to this unbeatable advantage (see example), the WP 3325 B3–5 also scores with its lower cable cross-sections and reduced CO2 emissions; a smaller electric motor reduces the starting current.

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