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New Baker DX Motor Analyser

ap 30 3The new Baker DX series of static motor analysis equipment from SKF replaces older-generation Baker D-series and ST series surge test analysers. The DX is ideal as an entry level instrument for performing motor and generator analysis in areas such as industrial motor test/maintenance, motor servicing and OEM manufacturing.

The SKF Static Motor Analyser, Baker DX offers wide capabilities to analyse all insulation and motor circuits in AC and DC motors, generators and coils.

The lightweight, portable instruments can carry out low-voltage inductance, impedance, phase angle and capacitance, coil, DC step voltage, winding resistance, Megohm, DC Hipot, surge and DC bar-to-bar armature tests.


They feature an easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface, are offered with a range of configuration options and accessories and can include the test functions required by the user.Options include coil test, resistance-inductance-capacitance test, DC armature test, simple meg-ohm test and either single- or three-lead configurations.

The low voltage testing capability allows for a more complete testing solution for predictive maintenance or quality management. The low voltage tests can supply up to 600 mA and frequencies from 50 to 4 000 Hz.The Baker DX also offers a modular design that allows for configuration with only the test capabilities needed for the specific application. For example, it can be only a high voltage or a low volt¬age tester or used as a unit that has both high voltage and low voltage testing.

The optional desktop software package- ‘Surveyor DX’ enables data from the tester to be moved to a PC via a USB stick. The software will allow storage of data and report generation.

Key specifications
Can perform tests from 4–40kV (with an optional power pack)
Available on 4kV, 6kV, 6kV HO (high output), 12kV and 12kV HO versions

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