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Idhammar jan enewsIdhammar Systems, providers of market leading maintenance and manufacturing systems, announced the launch of the latest version of their Maintenance Management System V11, this month [December 2012]. The new features promise new levels of efficiency for Idhammar CMMS users and new users alike. With its extended functionality, V11 has been designed to further support the efficiency improvement initiatives required for manufacturers to achieve an efficient and lean maintenance operation.

The new version of Idhammar CMMS includes advanced time-saving features, such as bulk data changing capabilities and a function to export and import asset information to and from Excel spreadsheets. Such features significantly enhance the visibility of all maintenance operations.

As well as improved user friendliness, the new features embodied within V11 have numerous operational benefits, including minimised downtime, improved maintenance planning, audit compliance and greater control over budgets and stock.

John Roberts, Idhammars' Managing Director - Operations comments:

"Today's operational environment needs the right balance of economy and efficiency in order to maintain a competitive stance within such fast paced industry. Our MMS Version 11, with its bulk changing facilities, asset exporting and importing functions and wide selection of reports, has been designed with the needs of the end user in mind, so that consistent control can be kept over all maintenance operations."

Visit our CMMS V11 blog post for more information on all the new features of our latest version
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About the Idhammar Maintenance Management System (MMS):
Idhammar's Maintenance Management System is an integral part of the maintenance process, combining the rich functionality and flexibility required to enable customers to enhance their maintenace practices and take control of their plant assets. With a comprehensive maintenance database at its core, Idhammar MMS is designed to fit your environment to guarantee a solution that works for you, making it one of the most highly respected CMMS solutions available.

About Idhammar Systems Ltd:
Idhammar Systems is a leading European provider of manufacturing efficiency solutions, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) which have proven their worth with a wide-range of clients in prominent blue-chip companies, from food to pharmaceutical, chemical, print, transport, energy and many more. Headquartered in Bristol, UK, Idhammar also has offices in Scandinavia and Benelux.