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Anderol High Temperature Food Grade Chain Lubricant now available from Blue Diamond

Blue diamond e news picBlue Diamond, the exclusive distributor of Anderol Speciality Lubricants in the UK, has added Anderol Chain Oil XL 220 FG to its extensive range of food grade, high performance lubricants. The new chain lubricant meets the requirements of NSF H1 for food grade lubricants and is ideally suited to high temperature operations up to +276˚C. It provides a greatly improved performance compared with traditional polar PAO's or PAG's.

The new chain oil chemistry prevents wear and minimises deposits. Its natural detergency maintains cleaner chains resulting in less operational problems. Applications include all industries where conveyors and drive chains are exposed to high temperatures. These include baking/oven chains, pasta manufacturers, meat and poultry processing plants and snack food manufacturers.

The new lubricant has a high flash and fire point, excellent anti-wear characteristics and excellent thermal and oxidative stability to reduce chain and sprocket wear. The natural detergent characteristics result in exceptionally low deposit forming tendencies, keeping chains clean and preventing carbon residue build-up.
Available in 20 litre pails, the new Anderol high temperature food grade chain lubricant is part of a range of speciality lubricants available from Blue Diamond for the food processing industry. Other Anderol products include synthetic lubricants formulated from self-manufactured, high purity organic esters and high quality synthetic hydrocarbon fluids. All Anderol lubricants are manufactured under rigid, quality controlled conditions according to ISO-9001.

For further details, contact Blue Diamond Technologies Ltd, Rolwey House, School Close, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 4BY. Tel: (023) 8025 8966
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