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Advanced Battery Care calls a halt to UPS Battery Impedance Testing

Advanced Battery e news picABC deems single frequency impedance testing obsolete
Advanced Battery Care (ABC), a forerunner in the introduction of VRLA battery impedance testing, has ceased using single point impedance testing during maintenance routines. ABC designed and manufactured the BitBox model 5 impedance tester in 1994 and has always been a leader in battery testing technology.

Now more sophisticated and effective methods of assessing battery condition have become available.

Impedance testing became popular following the introduction of VRLA batteries in the late 1980's and was very effective in fault diagnosis particularly in locating internal corrosion of lead components. Over the years battery manufacturing technology has improved and the remaining fault conditions are more complex rendering impedance testing, which is simply a way of measuring the internal resistance to current flow, less effective.

"After months of trials we have now moved to 100% electrochemical analysis during maintenance visits. Using this technique, which has until recently only been available in laboratories, provides far more valuable information when assessing battery condition" David Fremlin ABC MD.

Laboratory equipment using Frequency Response Analysis can cost tens of thousands of pounds; examples of this excellent equipment can be seen at the URL's below.

Global Energy Innovations have built similar technology into a hand-held device for site testing at a fraction of the cost; for details see
About Advanced Battery Care

Founded by David Fremlin in 1994 ABC's mission is to promote the latest technologies to ensure reliable battery operation in critical environments. Together with the hand-held electrochemical analyser other products include fixed battery monitoring and a range of battery system accessories to promote safety.