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Saving Natural Resources with Dry Lubrication

Dry Lube e news picAston Manor are the UK's number one independently owned cider producer and the country's third largest, with 1.4 million hectolitres of cider produced last year.

In addition to excellent quality, value and range, innovation is central to the business. In early 2006 Aston Manor has been a pioneer in converting (Read More) one of its PET lines at its fermenting and bottling plant in Tiverton to dry lubrication. In 2010 Aston Manor's two PET lines and one other line running a mixture of Glass and PET at its brewery in Birmingham followed.

The investment in dry lubrication has put Aston Manor a quantum leap forward in achieving its operational and environmental targets. Since the installation of 100% water-free lubrication systems, provided by Dry Lube Ltd, both facilities have recognised significant savings in power, water and CO2 consumption outlined below:
•Total water savings of 15,000 tonnes
•Total energy savings of 160,000 kWhr
•Total CO2 savings of 90 tonnes
The production lines primarily run PET bottles (at approximately 20000 litres per hour), with the exception of one can line in Tiverton (rated at 72,000 cans per minute) and one glass line in Birmingham (20,000 litres per minute).

"We installed Drylube in our packaging lines 3 years ago and having previously experienced water based conveyor lubrication, would not consider changing back. The packaging halls are clean and the floor is dry throughout, which makes for a much more pleasant standing environment for our operators. The lubricant itself performs very well, albeit at very low dose rates, and we have experienced no hardware failures to speak of since installation. Certainly we are proud to be saving water and power in an increasingly energy challenging world. We are well supported by Dry Lube technicians on a monthly basis and their customer focus once
on site is very much appreciated. All this has given Aston Manor every confidence to work further with Dry Lube, which is why we are happy to consider broadening its use on our air conveyors. Quite simply, we wouldn't put a new line in without it."

David Innes, Engineering Manager at Dry Lube Ltd comments:"Aston Manor in Birmingham and Tiverton have been a very important customers of ours for years and we are very proud to have helped them achieve their environmental and operational targets. We are keen to continue building our strong relationship!"
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