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The smarter way to maintain plant and automation equipment

SCHAD August PicThere's no escaping the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, but isn't it about time we started using them with mobile applications to improve the way automation equipment is maintained?

EXTEND7000 from SCHAD is a new mobile application for engineering and maintenance teams. It works by filtering alarms from SCADA and PLC systems to notify maintenance engineers of unplanned failures of automation equipment.

By integrating this with CMMS, maintenance teams are able to respond to alarms and process work orders in a single workflow on a mobile device.

The seamless integration by EXTEND7000 of unplanned and planned maintenance on a single mobile device helps organisations to optimise resources and make more informed decisions based on accurate and real time information.

Imagine having information at your fingertips to answer these common maintenance management questions:
- How long does it take for engineers to respond to an alarm event?

- How long does it take to allocate an alarm to an engineer?

- How long does it take an engineer to reach problematic assets? And what is the associated fix time?

- How many unnecessary journeys around the plant or between facilities are made?

- What is the time delay between a fault, fix and the central system being updated?

- How many visits are made to the same faulty asset to carry out either unplanned or planned work?

- How accurate is the data entered onto the CMMS?

EXTEND7000 is designed to provide answers to these questions by taking care of both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks, either in the field or on the shop floor. It allows engineering teams supporting automation systems – conveyors or high bay unmanned cranes in a distribution centre for instance - to maintain multiple systems remotely, using any mobile device from any location, according to a pre-defined workflow.

A summary of the benefits of EXTEND7000:
- Increased work load capacity with no increase in resources.
- Quick response time to unplanned events.
- Shorter fix times.
- Reduced administration time both during and after the event.
- Reduced downtime.

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