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Belzona Renovates Puddle Pipes

Belzona Augist picBelzona Polymerics Limited, specialists in repair composites and industrial protective coatings completed an application on a corroded inlet pipe at a Power Station in Kent.

The seawater inlet pipe which connects to the cooling system at the Nuclear Power Station in Kent had severely corroded at the joint. The connecting joints are a common problem area as they frequently suffer from corrosion.

In this case, the connecting joint between the concrete pipe situated in the sea and the steel pipe leading into the power station was corroding. The client had previously tried two competitor ceramic based products. Neither of the products had provided the pipe joint with the level of protection required and had subsequently failed.

Belzona has many years' experience in providing erosion/corrosion protection and were able to offer a two part solution to the problem. Belzona 1311 (Ceramic R-Metal), a ceramic filled paste grade material was selected to fill the corrosion pits and rebuild the damaged areas of pipe. The product was applied by hand to a recommended thickness of 6mm ensuring the most reliable repair.

Once the Belzona 1311 (Ceramic R-Metal) had completely cured, the surface was roughened by brush blasting to allow the maximum adhesion of the re-surfacing product. Following this, a ceramic filled, fluid grade product Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal) was brush applied to give the pipe joint a smooth finish. This coating will provide excellent resistance to erosion/corrosion and is expected to significantly extend the life of the puddle pipes.

The complete application took about four days and was completed by the power station's in house maintenance company with the supervision of a Belzona Technical Consultant. The Power Station was very pleased with the results and has since recommended their maintenance engineers use Belzona products for future repairs.

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