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Balluff HEARTBEAT Intelligent IP20 and IP67 Power Supplies

Ballfull August PicRugged DC Power for Industrial Networks

Balluff introduce intelligent power supplies with HEARTBEAT technology giving reliable feedback on the real time and long term status of the supply and enabling prediction of the replacement and maintenance cycle.


HEARTBEAT power supply features bright optical indicators that provide quick confirmation of the operating status. Three traffic light displays with green, yellow and red LEDs continuously inform the user about the internal operating status. Indicated parameters are "Stress Level" "Lifetime" and "Load Level".
"Stress Level" is like the heartbeat of the unit, reversible in the medium term. It is driven by both the electrical and thermal load. If the internal temperature rises or falls as a consequence of changing load and/or varying ambient temperature, the "pulse" of the device is affected.

"Lifetime" tells the user how much service life remains for the unit. It is based on the total of all loads and is irreversible. When the indicator enters the red zone, the remaining useful life is less than 8 years. This means the unit should be replaced at the next available scheduled maintenance period.
"Load Level" no-delay indicator is reversible and indicates the actual load on the device in real time. If 80% is reached the indicator changes from green to yellow, a red bar appears if the load increases to over 100%.

IP20 power supply units have Alarm outputs for remote signalling. A contact monitors the RED Lifetime LED and a DC Alarm switches if the output voltage is outside 21 – 28.5 volts or the power is switched off. IP67 models are suitable for direct on plant mounting, saving the need to an enclosure.
Balluff's HEARTBEATTM intelligent power supplies can operate under continuously high load conditions (power boost 150% for 4 seconds), meaning that no power reserves are necessary when calculating the required power.

Thanks to highly visible LEDs the load, stress level and life expectancy can be seen even from a distance, enabling for the first time condition-based maintenance regimes even for difficult to access units. The power supply only needs to be replaced when it is actually nearing the end of its design lifecycle.

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