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The introduction of the HepcoMotion® PRT2 Precision Ring Track system gave designers an unprecedented choice of ring slides and segments, bearings and ancillary components from which to choose.

And with the latest addition to this huge range the choice is extended for applications where high downward or offset loads are anticipated.

 The new HepcoMotion® PRT2 high moment load carriages provide extra support and rigidity for high, dynamic or static offset loads typically seen at the workstation position of a production line. 

Please view the video below to see a working animation of the Moment Load System.

Alternatively please follow the following link to view a working animation of the Moment Load System online:

The carriages are available in two configurations both designed to connect to the track system support beam.
The static type carriage is designed to take an additional load whilst in a ‘static’ or stationary position (see link to video animation above). The carriage is supported when it makes contact with a pair of eccentrically adjustable roller bearings, fitted to the framework of the track system. In essence, this set-up provides the system with the extra load capacity needed at a workstation where large downward forces (punching or stamping), are often seen. 
The dynamic option provides continuous support to the carriage, around the entire track whilst the load is moving. In this case, the carriage is fitted with eccentric roller bearings which can be adjusted to make contact with a support track following the main Vee Guide circuit. 
The new Moment Load Carriages are available in a range of sizes, including an extra wide carriage option. They can be supplied complete with a carriage locking system for positive location within +/- 50 microns and can also be used in straight line linear applications in conjunction with GV3 components.
HepcoMotion® is the worldwide identity and trading name for Hepco Slide Systems Limited, recognised globally as a company able to supply ‘The Complete Linear Solution’.   HepcoMotion® continually researches and reacts to market needs. It is totally customer-focused in all its commercial activities.

HepcoMotion® has full ISO 9001 quality accreditation and operates from its UK HQ and main manufacturing facility in Tiverton, Devon. Branch offices are located in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Korea. These are supported by a global network of highly-trained, approved distributors. Together they provide HepcoMotion® solutions to most of the industrialised world.