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Installed Base Audit: find the right balance for your maintenance schedule

Every maintenance engineer worth theirsalt is looking for a perfectly balancedmaintenance plan that improves plantreliability while reducing costs. Findingthe right balance is not always asstraightforward as it seems however,especially on sites with multiplemeasuring points and instrumentationfrom several suppliers.


Endress+Hauser’s Installed Base Audit is athree-phase analysis of all the instrumentson your site that gives you a clear viewof your installed base. By generatinga complete inventory you can start tomake the right decisions. This allowsyou to focus your maintenance effortsaccording to your available resources andproduction requirements, decrease thecomplexity of your equipment inventory,replace out-of-date plant documentation,define actions to optimise your processesand, most importantly, achieve the highestpossible safety standards.

How does it work?

Phase 1: Inspection of the productionprocess and collection of plant data

In phase 1 of the audit, the productionprocesses are appraised and allinstrumentation and control technologycomponents are recorded in aninventory. All important details about thecomponents, the process conditions andhow they affect quality and availabilityare noted - this even applies to spare partsstorage.


Phase 2: Data analysis and evaluation

An Installed Base Audit Report isprovided that contains recommendationsfor optimisation of your maintenanceactivities. The data is also collected in amaintenance database and augmentedwith additional information. Theintegrated activity planner ensures thatin future, maintenance of all importantcomponents takes places in a timelymanner.

Phase 3: Action plan

Out-of-date instrumentation technologyis replaced at critical measuring points inorder to avoid unscheduled downtime.In terms of spare parts storage, only partsthat are needed in case of an emergencyhave to be kept in stock, therebyreducing associated costs. The decisioncan be taken to use fewer suppliers andfewer component types, again all helpingto save you time and money. Better still,when it comes to internal and externalaudits, you’ll never get caught out asdocumentation and activity planning willalways be up-to-date!


An Installed Base Audit gives you theopportunity to find the optimum pointwhere overall costs are at their minimumlevel with an asset management scheduleto reduce unplanned equipment relatedincidents.


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